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Hey it’s former Navy-SEAL
and survival expert, Cade Courtley.
Now today in honor of National Preparedness Month
I want to show you the incredible power of the
Patriot power Generator 1800
and why I believe it’s a must-have device
to protect you and your family
in the event of a blackout.
Now as you’re probably aware our electrical grid
is sadly outdated, overburdened and vulnerable
to frequent outages.
Whether caused by weather
sudden surges
or even a deliberate attack
a blackout will either be a minor inconvenience
or an outright catastrophe
depending on how prepared you are to deal with it.
Now with the Patriot Power Generator
you’ll always be prepared.
One of the biggest questions people have about the
Patriot Power Generator
is what can it power?
Now while this portable generator
isn’t a whole house solution
you’ll soon discover
that if you have one in your home
you can fire up nearly anything
that you can plug into it.
So let’s take a walk around my house
and show you what it can do.
Okay so now we’re in the living room
in a power outage you’re going to need light
and living by flashlight or candle
just won’t cut it.
Not to mention how dangerous candles can be
if left unattended.
But plug in your lamp into the
Patriot Power Generator
and… let there be light.
Okay light alone is enough to read by
but what if you want a little entertainment?
The Patriot Power Generator will easily power your
television, radio, or other entertainment devices.
See we’re back in business.
Looking for some climate control?
This generator can easily power
a space heater or a fan to keep you cool.
Now it may not be able to run
one of the old 1970’s window unit air conditioners
but as long as what you’re powering
doesn’t draw over 1800 watts…
you can use it.
When it comes to space heaters
some draw significant power
so you may need to adjust the settings
if you’ve got a tv or lights plugged in
at the same time.
But this fan here runs easily
and now I can settle in with the tv
and wait for the power to come back on.
Which is great
if you expect it to come back on quickly.
Still with power outages
one of the biggest problems you’ll face, is this…
you may have no idea how long
you’ll be in the dark.
Now with protracted blackouts
which can last days or even weeks
it won’t be long before you start worrying
about the food in your fridge.
So let’s head to the kitchen.
With effective cycling
you can keep your food fresh and safe because the
Patriot Power Generator can protect it.
Now watch here
I’m going to unplug my fridge
okay… there’s no light.
Now let me plug it into the generator
and depending on the size
you can run your refrigerator
for 15 -16 hours at a stretch.
Now as long as you keep the door closed
most of the time
and cycle it on and off
you can stop your food from spoiling indefinitely.
Now I don’t know about you
but I can’t imagine starting the day
without a strong cup of coffee.
Now the Patriot Power Generator
can easily power your coffee machine
and other small appliances
like your microwave
hot plate
or a Patriot Power Blender.
Now let’s say you’ve got work to do
or want to catch up on news
or with loved ones.
Let’s head over to my desk.
The Patriot Power Generator
can keep your phone, laptop, tablet
and all your devices topped off and running
without issue.
It comes with outlets for all your devices
including multiple USB ports.
I mean what could be an entertainment lifesaver
is powering your router
so if your internet service is still functioning
you’ll have access to wi-fi
even with the lights out.
Now a blackout may be the perfect time
to binge watch a few shows
if you’ve got the Patriot Power Generator.
And this generator is a must
if you have medical devices
like an oxygen machine or a CPAP.
It can run a CPAP for 13 plus hours
with no interruption.
Now that’s a lifesaver
if you depend on one to sleep.
Now in an emergency
the last thing you may be worried about
is doing your laundry.
Patriot Power Generators
got you covered there too.
Just check out the power requirements
on your washer and dryer.
It can handle up to 1800 watts
or 20 amps at a time.
Don’t believe me?
Just plug the washer in
and give it a go.
Not bad for something you can pick up
and carry from room to room.
It’s only 40 pounds
but packs a lot of power in a small package.
Now of course you won’t be able to run
everything at once, all day long.
Now the Patriot Power Generator
has a capacity of 768 watt hours
after that, it will need to be recharged
or you can extend that time
by connecting it to the solar panel outside
while what you’re charging is plugged in inside.
Either way it can sure help you with
portable power
even when power is hard to find.
Now that’s all the time I’ve got for you today.
I’m sure you can think of
dozens of other things around your house
but for that matter around your campsite
RV, tailgate or anywhere you go
that the Patriot Power Generator can handle.
Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel
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to get even more information about the incredible
Patriot Power Generator 1800.
So no matter how long the lights are out
you’ll be a survivor, not a statistic.

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  1. Yep, everything is true, but for the price, their are better solar generators- for the price Inergy FLEX power generators packages are better. Why – because patriot can’t add batteries to extend you power time in use….I bought a Patriot generator – 1800 and I like it, but I wish it had the capability of adding more Battery- wattage- and higher watt inverter faster charging…just my thoughts…