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  1. I really hope this video helps you guys get everything ready in case of an emergency!!πŸ’—πŸ’—

  2. I can tell you had really thought out what information you would be giving, and you kept it moving quickly, unlike those (many) who turn on the camera and ramble. Thank you and well done!

  3. I'm an adult, and I put coloring pages, crayons and a stuffed animal in mine for the fun section because I like to draw and I might add some plain paper/construction paper too. If I'm using a pre-made kit, I usually get the ones made for kids and then switch the kid poncho with an adult one, because the kids kits are lighter which is important for me and they usually have at least a little bit of coloring stuff or fun items in there, and certain ones already come with a mini stuffed animal as well. Will link one that does in a reply to this comment

  4. Hey a big tip on teaching kids to learn important numbers like your number or their SSN, is to make it a game. If you my it a song or a secret code they will take to it better. Or if they cant… Write it in their underwear or on something else not obvious.

  5. She thought about corona before we knew it when she said "it's about a virus that goes around killing people"