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  1. Hey hey I used to work for Honeywell in the Spectra dept in colonial heights Virginia! Cool!!!

  2. That is a pretty great hiking kit. Lots of tactical extras in it but it hits key points. Chocolate covered coffee beans, are a super amped source of caffeine. Orange,..also underrated. A nice blankie,… woobie,…backpacking quilt, sleeping bag,…loads of folks skip this for Mylar,…but if you ever actually have to use a Mylar blanket,…it feels like poverty. There are a lot of 1-2 lb blankie options that you just don't have to be separated from. I have a theory I developed in the woods. If I have to travel more that 100 ft from my kit,…then that kit is too heavy and I need a lighter kit.

  3. This was the first video I watched from Carl last year..got me hooked. I wish I was in the US to get some classes. I feel like a lone wolf sheepdog up here in Canada. Watched it again and this time I made notes.