11 thoughts to Survival Gear Sale How Can We Purchase At 12:50

  1. I've had mine for just over 2 years never used it. Don't ask it's a long story lol. I'd use those bags in combination with mylar bags and put actual meals in them seal one side of a custom bag put your food in freeze it then seal it or vise versa and make your own MREs

  2. Not sure if they made one at the time of your video, but they now have one that runs off 110 and 12 volts "Game Saver."

  3. OMG you can use it to seal wine bottles?!?!?! I have a smaller version of this that just broke and you have sold me on upgrading to the better model. Thank you for this video!!!

  4. Wow! I am glad I didn't buy that expensive machinery. Just simple plastic, lighter and metal sheet on the top of the table will do for you just about the same for you. You can cut with a knife or scissors any size of bag you need from the plastic and then carefully burn/melt with the lighter/matches all the open sides to seal them. And if you have metal ruler, you can heat it on the lighter and make second seal, by melting plastic in the middle. Worked for me like charms since middle school. Does not take much more time or money that that. That is how I did plastic cover for my school books…=D

  5. I'm trying to find a food saver that can do things like soups or marinades in a bag. Does anyone know ?

  6. Why does everyone do reviews with beans and rice!? Most people who buy these, or want to, want to use them for meat… freezer and refrigerator items!