13 thoughts to Survival Gear Set Where Can I Buy At 23:47

  1. I've been using that trekker bivy the past year,my first backpacking tent.You sound like me about the pillow,lol.

  2. @HikesWithDogsNE I liked it so far,except the lack of space,exspecially last time it rained…would of been nice to have enought room to at least sit up comfortably in.

  3. Those therm-a-rest pillows, what exactly are they? Product name??? I see several different types out there. My last trip did not go so well as My stuff sack of clothes did not make a good pillow 🙁 I loved this video BTW. Thank you!

  4. i was wondering if you would be able to make a video on what to pack for long term hiking trips. me and my friend plan to go on a round the world backpacking trip in a couple years and want to start now so we know, well what were doing i suppose, and im finding starting off is difficult and i have no idea what to purchase being backpacks hammocks sleeping bags and pads, so if maybe you had some tips or brands that you find good that would be wonderful id really really appreciate it! thankyou!

  5. I was looking at all your gear and couldn't help seeing your sling shot. Our great lawmakers in NYS have deemed a wrist assisted sling shot to be illegal. They fear, someone going to the mall or theater and killing everyone in sight. It's my hope that some sharp eyed cop doesn't see you with it. Just thought i'd mention it HAHA.

  6. Is there any truth to the thought that you shouldn't store your sleeping bags in the stuff sack? That you should always hang them or lay them out?