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  1. I love those CRKT Hammond Cruisers. They've been out of production for 3+ years, but they're still being sold for under $20. I guess they made a lot of them.

  2. It doesn't matter if you are a secret agent or a car salesman you should have a gun, flashlight, multi tool, fire and a first aid kit. It doesn't matter what you do OR WHERE YOU ARE (if the don't have a metal detector they don't care that much)

  3. phone,wallet,keys,lighter,pocket knife,key chain light and multitool (Gerber shard), pen, 550 cord bracelet w fire starter, and firearm = my perfect edc

  4. I agree some guys just Carry to much stuff just keep it to the basics and stuff you just need and use everyday and protect yourself ..period.

  5. It's easy to pack it all, put my surge clipped to my body and my pocket knifes and lighter, rest in my bag I pack it all easy. Mine is urban edc and victorinox in public view. When relativity alone I take a endura or a higher pm2 I kee keep a cheapo pen I'm not a office guy. Cheapo pen i keep in a zip lock incase pen leaks. I carry it all with no problem. I'm adding one more light weight flashlight I can keep in shirt pocket. Maybe a maxpidition to organise it I think I got a good grasp of it all.

  6. Great video. Don’t know how I haven’t seen it before now, but keep up the great videos bro. Got a new sub in me.

  7. I totally agree with you… I'm a unarmed security officer and all,I carry is chap stick lighter wallet pen and memo notebook and no name assisted knife