5 thoughts to Survival Gear Snow Lowest Price For CBD At 14:38

  1. Great video. You gave me a couple of good tips. Is the small bag a Igloo cooler backpack? That is what I am using for one of my bags, mine isn't camo though. I use a combination of 3 bags, all have been repurposed from their original use. You have everything well covered with the contents in your bags. I have a few additional items to suggest. A folding saw, extra batteries for the flashlight, extra pair of socks, waterproof container of matches, small notepad and pencil/ pen, small pocket atlas or map of your region, deck of playing cards, small bungee cords, small D rings, small sewing kit with an additional set of upholstery needles.
    Thanks for the time you spend on your videos and beer reviews. I liked the review you did on the Budweiser Black Crown. It looked to me like you were amazed that it was a domestic brew. Keep up the good work, I'm toasting you with a cold one right now.

  2. I zip tie my bic lighters under the button so if it's accidentally pressed it won't realise and lose the gas. just an idea. hope it helps. and good video man.