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What’s up guys, Lew here. Back with another video.
And today, I am hoping that I have solved one of the greatest problems plaguing the tech community as a whole.
Not just people who make videos but you as well.
Everybody is looking for the perfect backup battery.
I’ve been online, I’ve been on Amazon, I look up and down, some of them are slim,
some of them are bigger, some of them have more capacity, some of the charge up faster.
But today, I think I have found the holy grail.
This guy in front of me, the PowerCore+ from Anker is the first one that’s really got me excited
It’s one of the first as well that features USB-C. Now this is a big boy,
20,000+ mA so this is for the boss players in the tech space.
On the back here you can see. PowerCore USB-C, PowerPort USB-C, PowerLine USB-C.
Now the reason I’m motivated about USB-C right now is because I have been using a Nexus 6P recently.
Which of course features USB-C. So, I’m carrying around other batteries. I’ve got adapters going on.
Bit of a nightmare. I’m having trouble sleeping at night.
Alright, let’s crack this baby open. It’s also discounted fairly regularly on
Amazon, so check out the link to see what the price is as of right now.
10 million happy users…these guys are a bigger deal than I…10 million!
Get her going. Charge her up. Do the dance.
Now, the battery itself as I said, this is a big boy. This guys no joke right there.
Stick it in your backpack. Look at that guy. Now this button on the front, so it will tell you how much charge you have.
Now on the end here, you’ve got the USB-C port and then two IQ charge smart ports.
This means you’re going to get more rapid speed where available.
And those are standard USB, so that covers the unit.
Also inside the box (ooo, look at that) a padded, mesh bag here, perfect for a little bit of protection.
Also possibly a place for your cables so it does come with cables
What do we have here? USB-C to USB-C, Micro-USB to big boy USB,
USB-C to big boy USB…that’s what I’m calling that one for now.
What is it? I think it’s called USB-A…right?
Anyway.. I prefer big boy.
In order to test this guy out we have…oh look at that pretty Nexus 6P, this is the one I’ve been using lately.
You can either take this cable here into one of these IQ ports and USB-C on the other end and go that route…
Gotta love USB-C. Jack, did you pick that up in the corner there? This is also a quick glimpse into my Instagram account as well.
You know I’m sharing behind the scenes stuff. Follow me on Instagram
for more of this and more of everything else. Just more.
But of course, if you want to be super modern and go all USB-C all day,
you can hook this guy up here as well and we are juicing just as well.
We can go with something like this now I’m charging up two phones. It’s hard to imagine but, like,
this guy here could give you substantially more life. Even on a low power laptop like the new MacBook.
Because of this USB-C, not only does it mean you’re going to be able to charge up these devices faster but
also this thing itself and a 20,000 mA, that should be a concern of yours.
If you’re looking for what might be the best package in the world of battery backups,
this might be the one for you.
I’ll probably use it on watermelon myself, I’m a peaceful guy.

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  1. One tip for you… Don't talk to much.. Always skipping 10 seconds each second. You can talk anything but keep it low next time.

  2. Which one you think is better, the ANKER power bank in this review or MI Power Bank Pro 3 by Xioami?

  3. This channel is like <every title is a clickbait> and <nothing here is "ultimate" for sure at least to the next episode when they advertise different product of same kind>.

  4. My favorite so far has been Ankers PowerCore fushion 2in1. I just did an unboxing video of it not too long ago and so far so good.