13 thoughts to Survival Gear Subscription Box Where To Buy Near Me At 22:45

  1. @GearBuyersGuide
    Try going into the jungle here without a survival kit and tell me you feel safe ExploratorCanis. Accidents can happen.

  2. So many people making stupid comments. Yes the picture quality could be better but this is a video with information about survival. Oh yes we Americans are so paranoid that we think the apocalypse is going to happen in the next 5 minutes. Um.. No, not really. We just like to be prepared for that pesky unexpected situation where we might actually have to rely on ourselves because the damn internet just doesn't work in those annoying remote areas.

  3. But of course for most who watch this vid, the closest they will ever come to being in a remote area in a survival situation is watching Man vs Wild on the Discovery channel. To the uploader, thank you for your video and the information for those of us nutjob outdoors types 🙂

  4. I have one of those hand chain saws and you got to be careful the webbing after awhile will cut your hands. Use gloves with it. Second that fire rod SUCKS your going to smash your tinder to hell trying to spark a fire with that stupid design.

  5. @urkingod people get trapped in the wilderness all the time, in every country. Doesnt take much for a scenic drive through the country to t urn into a life or death situation. One where shelter and fire may be very necessary and otherwise unobtainable.

  6. @urkingod Uh no I don't think so we just want to be more prepared cause in case the economy collaspes not all of us will race to the nearest supermarket to get supplies.

  7. @Protool11 survival kit would be nice in case economy collaspes, car wreck, and when you took a wrong turn on the road and your lost.

  8. Good video but $70 for a ferro rod signal mirror a whistle and some tinder cubes is ridiculous ! I don't get it, I got a 10 outdoor products case that's bigger than that one and out more stuff in there. I have a video of it and I would love if you would go watch it and subscribe to my channel!

  9. i was lost once. map of the area and compass are one of the most important thing to have

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