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  1. SEAL Torch 2000 I keep seeing advertized, for free but $4.95 shipping / handleing. Um that isn't free. I have seen the same flashlight under different names with the same $4.95 deal or more. I also read it is some kind of rip off. I respect your opinion.

  2. Are thrunite warrantied for life?Made here in USA?Streamlite lites are both………….Pennsylvania made and warranted for life your damage or theirs !!

  3. What about Olights? I have the M22 Warrior. While it is the only Olight I own, I do like it a lot, but at the moment I own 6 Thrunites. I guess that tells you something.

  4. Thank you for a great thorough review. What Thrunite similar to a TN12 has a rechargeable feature?