13 thoughts to Survival Gear Systems Review How Do I Buy At 0:41

  1. Hi friend.

    Hmmm. Slabs are loose? Stop hitting your knives with the baton! How about hitting the bottom of the piece of wood you're splitting to properly angle the blade in the round? You're killing me here.

  2. You know Brian i WANDER how many trees you cut down bye throwing knives at them lol.. You are good my friend.. You dont need a BAton just take you a knife on ya belt haha. Just throw a knife at something if it bothers you haha.. You would hit it everytime.. and oh yeah you are a Ninja for sure haha..

  3. Also Brian can you do a review in the Bear Grylls Edition Survival Knife that every body hates. i love that knife for some reason lol.. thanks

  4. i far prefer knives with slightly rubberized grips. they grip well and absorb shock without being rough on your hands like jimping tends to be.

  5. Subscribed! Great reviews for fellow knife enthusiasts! Can you please review the SOG Growl if you haven't already? Much appreciated!

  6. Where the chole is I take a file and file the corner of the blade down so I can use the chole.

  7. This is pretty much the Gerber Warrant Urban(I use mine in the woods haha) Survival knife which is absolutely brilliant, I've used mine for everything, holds an edge really well and the serations are insanely hard wearing used them break barbed wire and they were still sharp had it three years and still my favourite knife

  8. Ughsy pugsy!
    Don't likes:
    1. Blade shape
    2. Handle shape
    3. Handle scales
    4. Handle screws-should B regular. Screw/phillips. Won't have star/torx in the field
    5. No choil
    6. Jimping
    7. Dull spine
    Bottom line if I was in the field in survival mode without a blade & came accross this knife & a broken beer bottle I'd leave this knife & walk away with the beer bottle. What's3 2 like about this knife? Nuttin' thats what. Schrade makes mega better knives than this e.g. the Strongarm