10 thoughts to Survival Gear Systems Where Can I Order At 15:40

  1. Dude, yeah you might have gotten a broken one because the striker is supposed to be connected and reverse threaded. Also when using the ferro rod and striker it is much easier to keep them attached to the pen (again yours looks broken). You should be able to screw them into the pen and use them as handles. I'd get another and is very useful ;)-

  2. Great video, great channel. You have gotten yourself another subscriber, keep up the good work!

  3. for the striker, you are suppose to stick it in the end cap. Then you can twist the back of the end cap into the part that holds the end cap.

  4. Great review. The whistle work when the cap is on to close the pen? Or to make noise you have to unscrew the cap?

  5. When you take off the cap to use the pen does it screw on to the end of the pen so you don't have to worry about losing it?