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  1. I greatly appreciate the advice but the one thing I have found from experience is that you need multiple ways to start fires, so I carry 15 min flares, steel wool and a 9v, a lighter and friction bow equipment. My lighter got wet and my fire steel wouldn't work either and it took almost an hour to start a fire. I have now found that flares are a god send when its wet out.

  2. You will notice that we mention in most every one of our videos that multiple methods of starting a be part of your kit…9 volt batter and steel wool is a bit out there in our opinion however..

  3. Question. What does a bugger outer do when he or she runs into a group of bugger outers? At this point we are talking survival. Who is using who's resources? Doesn't matter if you own your bug out position or not,because in the bug out situation laws would be nil.