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  1. I could not find them on your website, and I did the cursory google search after that and still couldnt find them…… Whats there link again?

  2. Lightning-Strike is not an advertiser on my website, (every product has to be field tested and approved before advertising is accepted) and you'll probably have to contact Lightning-Strike directly. Email me and I can send you the phone number.

  3. Butane lighters won't work when cold but you can easily warm them up with your body heat, between two hands or some other way, then they work fine. Any smoker knows that.

  4. The lightning strike is a handy system. Unfortunately for the "inventor" (this is more a combination of features than an invention) it solves a non-existent problem, and is way overpriced to boot.

  5. I agree that it's a clever application of the ferro rod and I like the idea of focusing the spark spray. I take issue with the cost – $60 is WAY more than similar devices. If they brought the price down to the $30 range, I might consider it.

  6. This is a great idea! I would make one with materials I already have instead of shelling out 60 bucks. Thanks for showing!

  7. I HATE the lightning strike. It does not teach skills.

    Myself I never go out with less than three ways to start a fire.

    Matches. Sometimes they get too old or wet.

    Bic lighter. Sometimes the butane leaks out or gets wet.

    My backup method is a fire steel.

    When you are wet and cold; a lot if fine muscle control goes away; so lighting a fire with matches or a bic lighter is nit an option. This is where fire steels shine.

    I carry tinder and petroleum jelly to help me get a fire going.

    I would rather have an average fire steel and a good striker that this fire starting for dummies gadget.

  8. The Lighting Strike is really nice but the price is something nightmares are made from. A friend of mine likes the Vulcan Piston Rod which works quite well if you have any fire making skills. If you don't then on Amazon you can get 100 disposable , adjustable flame , Lighters for 12.00 dollars plus postage.
    I will carry at times any of the following or a combination of them ..Usually in this order.. A Ferro Rod , Matches in a waterproof container and / or several lighters in different locations.
    I also carry two small plastic viles ( Plastic bottle blanks ) one with Glycerin and one with some Potassium Permanganate in separate locations as a fire starter. I also keep each vile in a Zip Lock Snack bag as extra protection. That combination will start a fire every time without any problems , just use equal portions , The Potassium in a small pile and make a dimple in the middle and then drop in some glycerine and in about a minute you have a campfire started. It's also a great way to start a conversation around a camp fire.

  9. I'm sorry but all your paying for is a fancy container…i'm sure your going to sucker a lot of beginners into buying this thing. The price is way to much and people that have the skill will never pay that price. PVC with a metal insert would have been more then enough for a sturdy kit and lower the cost. Directing the sparks…great idea but still more then i'm willing to pay.

  10. This list is useful too, what you guys think?:
    It really helped me choose the right fire-starter