13 thoughts to Survival Gear Tents How Can One Order At 12:43

  1. I love mine,The compartment behing the mirror is perfect for some hooks and weights,I was even able to fit some small rubber fish baits in there. I also wrapped a ton of line beneath the line holder so I'm set I can fish,start fires,hunt and with 10 Yo Yo fishing reels I can trap cant ask for more.

  2. Hey Jim, are you still using this knife? I got two hard seasons out of mine then retired it. It didn't hold up.

  3. I think that mirror compartment is as big as it can be, to make room to wind that paracord

  4. I like the knife, it's quality and I have one. But the sheath is a disaster in my opinion, I would have a custom Kydex sheath made and forget the flash light/ferro rod. Although I really like your modifications.

    But for me, I carry a rechargeable USB flashlight, and I have a Kydex sheath with a ferro rod holder and a six inch ferro rod, so I'm covered.

  5. Man I love the mods you did to this knife sheath. I’ve always wanted to be able to carry my knives lower on my thigh like that! Awesome review!