15 thoughts to Survival Gear Tents Where Can I Purchase At 1:40

  1. Great video, love the skull.

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  2. Wow you only have a iPhone 4 I'm 14 and have a lg cosmos 2 and other kids have iPhone I don't really mind my phone even though it's an older phone compared to what other phones people have.

  3. All reviews of the PM2 are 5 stars. I cannot bring myself to pull the trigger given the price though, Not when my RAT 1 at a fraction of the cost serves me so well.

  4. Nice carving of the homemade bead!! I love the Para 2 also, I just got mine a couple weeks ago and it's taken the place of my Griptilian and my ZT 0808 almost every day!

  5. Can you do a review of what brand underwear you wear everyday, what you had for breakfast on Tuesday, and a detailed rehash of your last bowel movement? We're all really interested.

  6. well I think your carved skull is outstanding keep the vids going very interesting and informative cheers iain

  7. it's not your body or your life. so what if he doesn't carry ( even though he says he does in a response to another ) mind your own business and and worry about your selves.