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so let’s talk about night shooting right
you can get as good as you want during
the day the reality is that you know
chances are bad things happen at night
that you need to practice shooting at
night also step one of that is you have
to be able to see the sights on your
weapon you’re going to spend all that
fat cash getting a good firearm you need
to spend a little extra money and get
good night sights get ones very very
visible dots get ones with tritium
inserts you have to be able to see your
your sights at night that’s the easy
practice with them low-light you still
be able to see it you have to have
enough light on your target to still
identify is it a threat is it not a
threat is it a threat that warrants
deadly force so besides just sights you
still have to have some light source in
order to identify the target is friend
or foe now there’s all kinds of
different thought processes one way or
the other you know should it should the
visible light be mounted on the gun
should it be handheld handheld lights
yes there they’re easy to have anybody
can carry with them you can fight them
in a fight with them in a situation that
doesn’t warrant deadly force however
when it comes down to the moment of
truth when you’re actually going to
shoot that firearm if you made the
decision to draw that firearm you are in
a situation with potentially you need to
shoot that firearm you go the range you
practice all the different techniques
for holding a handheld flashlight some
will have it whether you’re doing it
with the palm mounted like that holding
gripping the gun others will appear so
you’re you can also use protect your
I’ve even heard of techniques where they
hold it out here to the side well that’s
great the concept is great because guns
are drawn directly to the light make
sense I’ve seen it
however me going through my house for a
long period of time that arm gets really
really heavy if you don’t practice that
way a lot you go to the range and you
shoot the same drills on a computerized
range and you’re actually running that
Pro timer for hits practicing each
technique which you will see is the one
that close most closely matches how you
shoot during the day when you’re doing
90 percent if you’re practicing that’s
going to be your most accurate method
for shooting at night that’s why your
assault units run pistols with the
lights actually mounted on the guns they
practice with it
all the time one hundred percent of
their practice during the day applies to
it at night now to what I’m talking
about is a pistol mounted light I’m a
fan of the surefire line with using 200
to 300 does not matter they clip on any
modern pistol that has a light rail on
it I’ve heard the other side say all
right well now Karl you’re flagging
anybody that you point that light at why
yes I am okay I’m already in a situation
where I warrant deadly force if I’m that
threatened then I don’t have a problem
now I’m not saying point your gun
directly at it but I have searched rooms
with the pistol light on my firearm
light on and I can check furniture I can
keep it low I can keep it in at the low
ready until that threat arises right
when it comes to shooting you will be so
much more accurate having a pistol
mounted light
Alright Karl now you’re not going to carry a
gun with your light on with your light
axe and mounted on the gun
concealed-carry you’re not going to do
it so why practice like that you have to
practice with how you’re actually going
to be carrying I agree with you 100%
I do not carry my concealed carry pistol
with a light mounted on it it makes it
easier to confirm much harder to conceal
I agree with you however the standard
handheld light and my surefire pistol
mounted light take roughly the same
amount of space roughly the same amount
as easy as I can keep this in my pocket
and use it pull it out for whatever you
use flashlights all the time I can just
as easy just as easily pull this thing
out and use it just as easily it’s a
very very easy light to use once you get
used to it you make this your everyday
carry light you’ll find it’s easy to use
easy to keep the little knick-knack that
well Karl the way these spades set up on
the back it’s going to go off in your
pocket all the time you’re going to run
out your batteries they make little
plastic or Kydex little short rails that
clip on there and they’ll protect that
if you have it in your pocket another
another technique the one I use when I’m
carrying stuff on my bat belt is this is
a little clip made by blackhawk my
lights clipped right on it and it’s got
the blade on the back to protect it
takes no space at all on my belt and it
prints about the same as your spare
magazines would be so I need to use my
light I reach back pull my light out and
I’m now going to light in my hand I use
it you’re going to use your light a
hundred times for every time you
actually use your light mounted on a
pistol so get a light that makes good
handheld but at the moment of truth when
you need to actually place where you
find yourself in a situation where you
need to use a weapon mounted light
having it mounted actually on the
firearm is going to be a lot more
my opinion is a hundred of them out
there so I challenge you to go back run
all those drills that with each type of
handheld light whether it be palm
whether it be held high whether you’re
held out the bill rogers technique
there’s lots of different lights out
there try that and then try it with it
mounted on the gun and I guarantee you
if you want a timer you’ll have to agree
with me that it is much more accurate
and much faster to engage those targets
and to differentiate is it a threat is
it not a threat is it a threat that
warrants deadly force and at the moment
of truth that’s what really matters

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Survival Gear Tester Where Can We Order

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  1. No light on CCW still applicable for Karl? I'd like to think something like the TLR7 and a few others are better than the options around 2016.

  2. flagging is a training discipline. In a hostile situation, it's trigger discipline that becomes important.

  3. Question sir isnt that giving away your exact position to the agressor sir by usisng a flash light sir in the dark

  4. So your enemy can't see your flashlight? I don't understand.. When you moving around at night.. What happens when he shoots from the shadows? You super visible and I think bad advice and thumbed down!

  5. I put my Glock light on at night for my bedstand and take it off in the morning for concealed carry. If I go out at night I hope it is close range. LOL.