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hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper summer is coming it’s a great time to be thinking about how to make diy homemade
fire starters whether you’re going to go
camping out to a backyard fire pit or
even just making sure that your Bug Out
Bag is up-to-date you can make some very
simple long lasting long burning fire
starters with some cotton rounds and
some old candle ends the first thing you
want to do is melt your wax you never
want to melt wax into a good pot because
you’ll ruin your pot so you want to do
it like a double boiler put a heavy-duty
pot on a burner with some water in it
add an old can to the bottom and melt
your candles in there then when you’re
done you just throw the can away once
the candle wax is melted with a pair of
tongs take a cotton round dip it into
the melted wax and lay it on the wax
paper to dry dip the cotton rounds one at a time lay them out in a single layer so that
they can fully and completely dry
and there you have it long lasting long
burning fire starters from cotton rounds
rounds and old candle ends
if you don’t have any candle ends don’t
worry you can still put a nice big glob
of petroleum jelly onto your cotton
round and stick it into a ziploc bag and put
it with your gear whether it’s your
camping gear your fire pit gear your bug
out bag survival gear and you’ll have those easy diy homemade ready-made fire starters already where
they belong when you need them another thing you can do with cotton rounds is make char cloth
out of them you can use the cotton
rounds and the can from the pirouette
cookies to make char cloth which is a
great firestarter
once your cookie tin can is empty you want to loosely fill it with cotton rounds don’t
pack them in you need to leave a little
bit of room because we know that fire
needs a little bit of oxygen for it to
burn take a nail and a hammer or a drill
put a hole through the lid of your
cookie tin now you’re going to place the
lid back on the can get your barbecue
going full blast and set the can on to
the barbecue the heat from the grill is
going to char the cotton so that you
have char cloth left in your can let it
go you can see when it starts to burn
because smoke will come out at the top
of the little hole I let the fire go for
about 30 minutes make sure all the smoke has stopped coming out of the can and then
allow the can to cool completely then
you can open a can and look you have
nice perfectly formed pieces of char
cloth it’s ready to just light in an
instant and start a fire and gives you
another option of ways to start fires in
all kinds of situations cotton rounds
are very handy item to have on hand
whether you want it for removing makeup
first-aid uses making fire starters
there’s all kinds of ways that you can use
things you have around the house look
around see if you can use what you have
to make what you need
if you enjoyed my video I hope you’ll share it with someone else who will find it useful
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Survival Gear Testing How Can I Shop

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  1. Come On AG, when I lived up there tradition Demanded Dried, Aged & “Seasoned” Moose Nuggets ! Not to mention they’re Free and the Perfect size for most any use… Good tip is to use candles that have Stearic Acid in them generally sold in “outdoor” type stores.

  2. NOW I know why both Walmart and Target were out of cotton rounds! 😂
    Great and informative video, AG! Again, you suggest a method of making these that suits every individual's ability to access and prepare. Thank you!