Survival Gear Testing Where Can We Buy

to the folded box outside guys
it’s almost 3:00 a.m. don’t let me fall
do not let me fall in vogue do not let
me fall right
oh he’s not gonna like this
before I show Logan I think I need to go
get some more balls
we need this entire pool filled oh my
god I’m back and I’ve got a lot more
balls to throw in our pool so we should
be able to fill the entire thing up
let’s head on outside and start okay
it’s really cool
pop pop why do you look at me like that
so you put balls in the pool it’s
between me and the viewers all right
this is this is my mission
what do you mean Jake this is my
backyard why are there so many balls in
the pool right now you know hard this is
gonna be to clean up Logan I am
summoning Cotulla I don’t know exactly
what it is okay but it’s a monster I’m
gonna be summoning it using balls it
doesn’t make a lot of sense I know Paul
I look really happy I heard that if you
cover your pool with balls at night at
3:00 a.m. a monster comes out of them
Jake that can’t be true looking back
Logan these balls do not summon a
monster if anything Jake this ball would
summon like a clown so you’re saying at
3 a.m. a monster comes out 3 a.m. at the
tire pools covered with balls something
comes up like like like a swamp monster
but I don’t know worse not gonna lie
Jake I don’t think you have enough balls
to cover the pool I got enough balls to
cover the pool I had to go
this is why blue yeah and sending up a
pop taking pitches ready and it looks
like he is now up to bat I’m really
excited about this if you can’t tell why
would you want to summon a monster
anyway super cool man
I see we build the box for all the water
and sleep here night then at 3:00 and
when the monster comes out catch it like
you caches Waterloo where did you even
hear that a monster comes out at 3:00
what’s going on everyone its Papa Jake
and we are back with a brand new video
and if you are just tuning in which you
can’t be because we’re already starting
off this video we are currently filling
this entire pool with as many balls as
possible because I believe that at 3
a.m. if you have your entire pool filled
with balls a great monster will appear
that’s why we’re doing a 24-hour
challenge in the pool to summon the
so we not only have to fill the pool up
with as much stuff as physically
possible so that it’s all nice and fun
we also need to build a floating box for
it that we can survive in for 24 hours
with a bunch of fun stuff and hopefully
we don’t get eaten by this monster what
are you doing that’s day you’ll get down
from there don’t don’t do it
don’t do it candy why is this at the
bottom of our pool that’s for fighting
off the monster later I’m also thinking
we can fill in the remaining spaces with
some more floaties and not to mention
our floating box for is gonna be massive
so by the time everything’s in this pool
literally there only be balls and
floaties looking what are you doing in
the hot tub it’s the built-in time we
gotta go bill I’m gonna bat a water
balloon at you if you don’t move oh I
told you I’d do it it’s never a bad time
go ice cream oh that’s a hashtag pop
Jake whoa never a bad time always a good
time even in the hot tub we are now
officially ready to start building the
box for that we are gonna be surviving
in for 24 hours but it has to be really
sweet because we’re surviving on only
for 24 hours but we’re also staying
awake until 3:00 a.m. so we gotta have a
lot of fun stuff to do
how what are you doing getting ready for
the fart one in the lung Klein what
about to get off the port dive deep
underwater catch the monster it might
well our houseboat is almost complete
we’re adding a few more things and then
Jake what are you doing this is gonna be
where we get to chill so that’s where we
live this is where we chill it’s gonna
be like a standing boat area maybe we
could play ping pong on here I don’t
know use as a drying off area but the
more space the better Jake how does a
monster come out of there I don’t know
man but I wouldn’t mess with him I’m
telling you there is a ball pit monster
in the pool at 3:00 a.m. I read it
online so we just finished building both
of our bases we’ve got the luxurious
grass doc over here which will be
chilling on and then we’ll be connecting
it to our home sweet home floating on
water we got our say like water wings
Jake okay we got water wings which is
pretty cool we have this which we
installed is actually like a swing row
but we can use it to get back inside the
floaties when it’s in the water and
inside you can see it kinda it’s kind of
empty that’s cuz we haven’t we haven’t
customized yeah we’re gonna wait till
you put this thing in the water and then
we’ll bring all of our survival gear and
fun toys inside but I want to get in
this water before it gets dark because I
want to enjoy these balls for the
you have to jump and make it to the
green floaty oh my gosh I want grass in
water I did it oh the neighbors look
well I can tell him I did it because I
did it this is so cool I’ve never been
on floating grass before this is feels
really weird
this is insane as the entire pool is
filled now oh they’re always bulging up
over there oh dude it’s capture perfect
all right and there we go we’re now
chillin on our piece of grass floating
in the middle of a pool surrounded by
balls on a camping chair no no no no I
can’t move – oh no we’re gonna have to
go scuba diving for it
okay guys we have our fort
this will be our tool area and this will
be our sleeping quarters alright guys so
I’m now on our little chill area here
it’s time to cut into the port and make
our door so we can go into the living
quarters get on the ship do not drop the
pizza ah time to do some pizza on our
nice we’re like you know we’ve never
built a floating box for we have like
this super open grassy relaxing oh do we
got the pizza for tonight stakeout check
it out that looks good I am so hungry
let’s dig in
so we just finished off our pizza we’re
gonna save the rest for later but it’s
time to get back inside and chill out as
the Sun Goes Down we got some activities
to keep us entertained as I welcome to
the fort Logan
check it out guys the fort is fully
geared up and morning in my wetsuit cuz
I know we’re gonna be diving very soon
we got everything in here that we need
for our ultimate stakeout to catch this
monster well what are you doing man
we’ve got our underwater diving lights
underwater drawing material that’s right
we can actually write and draw
underwater we have an underwater
submarine for reconnaissance underwater
flippers underwater goggles that’s all
you’d use goggles for beyblades if the
monsters underwater why are we going
the monster also he doesn’t come out
apparently until 3 a.m. so I put
together a little challenge for us to
test our underwater Skoob abilities I go
to bet I have planted it’s the opposite
of nap time because I have planted it
underwater pirate treasure chest and we
are tasked with our mission to go and
retrieve the underwater pirate treasure
chest filled with amazing loot I’m
talking about Papa J glue guys what is
inside this chest will shock you but
guys if you haven’t already subscribed
to the Pappa Jake family I’m going to
challenge you in five seconds to hit the
subscribe button and the Bell button
five four I did it I did it I got B all
of you beetle no no you beat Papa J I
did I didn’t finish counting J three two
one BAM
who won i won we’re not Logan I have a
little special treat for us because we
were going on a diving mission I brought
us some extremely yummy dessert edible
that’s right Logan these bad boys taste
like apple juice but their bubbles open
wide oh no no no no
they are great I’m not eating that I am
NOT eating a bubble fill up on your
dessert we got a big dive ahead of us
what’s a big buck oh it went in my eye
Wow all right listen up the objective
simple we’re heading down underneath the
water now there is potentially an evil
water monster we don’t know what he
looks like so for the sake of this I’m
gonna draw him looking like you love now
we need to swim underneath the water
using our scuba gear to find a treasure
that I have planted the inside Logan is
something so crazy even the viewers
aren’t expecting I’m gonna find well
what what Oh what is it you’ll have to
find out let’s gear up with our diving
gear flashlights I have flipper I didn’t
buy you flippers I just I get the
flippers I get an underwater flashlight
and flippers and this because I’m the
all right time to go in there now the
Bulls are gonna create a layer once they
get underwater you’re not gonna be able
to see me but don’t worry
what are you writing
we need to find the treasure dv5 the box
but they don’t know each other
you could have just come up here and
told me that but it’s really cool cuz I
bought this thing of right so there were
looking away no no order with it do you
think you could do that with regular
paper I mean it you know the pools not
that big we can just find it found the
lawn chair
all the cool stuff goes in here make the
cool stuff is down there
in the treasure chest Tommy get back now
here in the ocean hi guys we are now
back inside after a successful mission
at the bottom of the pit and we were
able to recover all the contents of the
treasure chest
Jake what what did we get we got Logan
check this out
boom oh yeah that my friend is a bug
encased in glass we went in the freezing
cold water
not only that Logan a bug no no not just
a bug also a piece of brass that’s what
the valuable treasure was
yes lankan blowing it was I said it was
extremely valuable I didn’t say how
valuable but we had to practice our
diving skills now we’re back inside with
chilling moraine from the monsters show
up when he shows up we’re gonna document
it he’s super famous gee where did you
hear about this monster again beyblade
time what we’re waiting for it to get a
little bit later we’ve already had our
dinner we’ve already gone for a nice
swim me and Logan got our ongoing
tournament so we’re about to see who’s
gonna win this game oh no Jake it’s
gonna be me
I do not like that okay I’m uh I’m going
to bed okay I’ll see you in the morning
okay just calm down and I’m going to bed
now so have a mission okay
play some beyblades and chill out I will
see you it’s okay I’ll see you in the
it’s not that no Logan it’s not that
time stop it’s baby time I don’t know
it’s probably realistically it’s
probably just a raccoon I don’t know how
you could play beyblades of time like
it’s the best thing to do at a time like
this plus I really need to beat you I
just destroyed you go retire for the day
that was a good match take and uh I’m
going to bed I’m I’m just I’m going
about okay
hey guys I’m gonna take a look outside
see if I can see anything Logan there is
a lot of fog outside like a lot of fog
through the flashlights so why is there
so much fog up there dude there’s a lot
of it though Jake what time is it I have
no idea what time it is
I don’t know man I’m getting bad vibes
about this Jake you’re the one who
brought us out here yeah I know man now
weird stuffs starting to go down Balder
Logan why is my flashlight going out
this is getting really really creepy
though like really creepy isn’t that way
you want it dull sort of but not in this
kind of way like you know more like nice
way I feel like they’re moving why don’t
we send the submarine down a little
vision below the surface make sure
there’s nothing weird down there and
we’ll know everything’s okay all right
little buddy you’re ready to go down
watching the sub in three-two-one
we just lost signal why did we just lose
signal on the side why we just lost
signal on the sub we lost all the signal
other stuff that things aren’t even
working anymore now we have smoke now we
have balls been you thrown us and now we
lost signal on the sub the only thing we
can do now it’s you have to go
underwater what you’re not going
underwater I don’t know what’s under
there we got things thrown at us to
smoke in the pool nice we to support the
mission we gotta get out of here Jake
always takes us into these situations
where he’s like Mugen we got to do these
things and then we get to the thing and
then he runs away scared there’s balls
moving outside things you might see what
I’m seeing not seeing anything see
what’s under the water summer he goes
down there
oh no it’s eatin it’s losing air deke
going on I don’t know must have a
leaking or something oh no no no no and
you get back in the fourth pass
this isn’t good Logan this isn’t good
this whole thing is about to sink
real fast I think something may be
trying to sink us I don’t know what but
I think something might be trying to
sink us
yes I don’t know what’s going on right
now but there’s something out there just
trying to sink that’s that thing is
losing air do you feel just a bit of
wind like we’re moving with something
pushing us here the balls move I hope
you can hear them okay yeah I thought
that felt like something moved some
things underneath this fort in the water
like look there’s something under there
and we might have summed it somehow
no song there’s something out there no
yes there’s something why are you
laughing it’s really bad it’s scary I
laugh Jason what do you mean there’s
something out there
just something up there don’t like no no
no like man this is real there’s
something out there
it’s something underneath the balls
there’s something not see that do not
see that abort mission abort we’re
getting out of here like we played three
am no no no like mission abort miss the
gas out how do we get out bring the
water I’m going in the water gets to the
shore right now I can’t get it
oh go Eva get out here right now please
don’t let me fall do not let me fall in
Vogon do not let me fall to get to the
ladder ya gotta go we gotta go please
don’t wake up look at Logan Logan you
don’t wanna go and I don’t want to go in
there no undergoing
we are never doing that again
like ever playing with 3 a.m. again I
don’t know what was in that water Logan
that was probably the most insane idea
we’ve ever done and I blame you entirely
for it
you play me Jake this is entirely your
fault there’s like something in our pool
and it’s because you wanted to fill it
with balls okay I didn’t think that
actually something would come up filling
our pool with happy fun balls happy fun
balls are for happy fun time
who would have thought that if you put
them in a pool at 3m one washer comes
out we are never doing another 3m
challenge I don’t care what anyone
suggests in the comments unless this
video gets 25,000 lights then then I
would do another one but either way
Logan that was creepy okay and guys if
you have any idea what we saw in there
please let me know in the comment tell
me if it was the winner I wanted to be
the win we didn’t really survive all 24
hours but I think you know why and we’ll
see you guys next time for another
awesome video

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