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  1. BIG NEWS: I have designed my own Survival Knife called “APO-1”. You can get it now at my online store: https://www.survivallilly.at/ Thank you so much for your support <3 Lilly

  2. Thank you for a very informative video. things are getting "hot" here in the USA, and your advice is timely and valuable.

  3. We are in Northern California and just went though yet another wildfire. The better part of our county was evacuated last year! We bought a wild land fire engine from our local fire department so no more evacuating for us! Stand and Fight!

  4. I would also carry a pill bottle with a Vaseline soaked cotton balls ( very light weight and you have about 20 premade fire-starters even damp conditions.

  5. No Apo-1 as your survival knife? I always figured the Apo-1 would be your go to knife….that says a lot about the knife you charge people so much money for

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  7. Yes good you are the first one I have seen who keeps it to a minimum most take far too much and guess it's heavy to Cary some of it.
    So how heavy is all this kit quite heavy all put together I guess the rifle weighs a lot I guess. Spent a lot of time in Germany and Austria skiing mostly in winter and it does get cold there. You have covered most of the essentials shelter, warmth, food cooking water and some tools first aid kit.
    Remember no one will come to help, you are alone. And this in itself can be daunting especially if totally alone. Radio may or not work mobile phones and GPS navigation probably won't work either so go to basics maps compas and perhaps some torches as well as headlight. But get accustomed to the night you may not need them. But on the whole pretty good really. Bag is a bit big though smaller would be better..