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oh that was a nice shot now we’re
worried cuz I don’t exactly know where I
am I might be lost I will update you
once I figure out where I am
uh Jake what’s going on oh I’m glad you
I’ve been preparing Logan I’ve been
preparing preparing for what winter’s
coming and with winter it’s cold and
snow we had it easy Logan we had it so
easy in the summer I thought the war
would last it’s not coming Jake I
thought coming to winter happens every
year think what happened this year I
don’t think what happened the year of
the box for Logan if we’re not ready to
survive in the winter we won’t last
that’s why I’m out here I’m conditioning
my body for the cold I need to be able
to survive in sub degree temperatures
without the use of a coat Jake it’s
freezing out here you’re gonna get sick
that might be the case but the fans want
us to do another woods box for they want
a woods box for survival in the winter
too cold that will be so hard that will
be in two feet of snow I can’t wear
Easy’s and snow how do you know what
you’re wearing snow now that you mention
it box for its survival challenges in
the winter is gonna be very hard which
is why we need to Train we need to
prepare to survive in the winter we need
to know that we can go out there and
survive 24 hours in the woods in this
cold look I’ve already assembled the
gear downstairs we’re going out today
can we just go tomorrow tomorrow there
might be two feet of snow on the ground
now we’re ready to head out into the
woods and sir surviving but building our
woods base we’ve got all of our gear
lined out that we’re gonna bring with us
we got a bunch of flashlights we also
have some kindling to start our fire
we’ve got a net here to camouflage our
base as well as a shower so that we can
stay clean because we’re making this you
know not just a survival base in the
woods it’s got to be a little luxurious
on top of that we’ve got our MREs our
classic food that go anywhere with us
and all we need is some water to cook
them now that we got this all ready
we’re gonna pack up our back and start
heading out to the woods and we got to
make our shelter ready for the night or
else we’re not gonna be able to survive
just made it to the woods we have our
location in mind where we’re gonna be
building our base camp for the night the
Sun is already going down and it’s
already really cool so we got to get a
shelter belt quick we’re gonna be
building in the same location that we
chose for our last build during the
summer a lot has changed though because
it’s so cold you’ve had a lot of storms
everything’s all over the place
so we couldn’t figure out exactly where
it was it’s back in there we’re gonna
start hiking down the creek and try and
find this alright we gotta cross this
creek bed to get to the other side we
got so much gear though it’s really
bogging us down if we can get over there
not get away that’ll be away home sweet
home is we’re gonna be building our fall
survival shelter I think the last time
we were here was like three months ago
and all the leaves were green
it just looks completely different but
not only were the leaves green but it
was a lot warmer luckily we don’t have
to worry too much about the bugs this
time as you guys remember we had spiders
we have mosquitos and just lots of
creepy crawlies everywhere now we don’t
have that but we’ve got our other enemy
the cold hey what’s going on guys is
Babaji here from team with me and we are
back with a brand new video and today
we’re doing a video you guys have all
been requests and ever since the summer
you guys want us to come back into
another 24 hour wood survival box for
challenges that’s what we’re doing we’re
here we’re getting ready for the winter
and obviously guys we wanted you the
granddaddy of all survival challenges to
survive in a box fort during the winter
here in the woods but in order to do
that gusts are small you know we got it
we got to work your way up so we came
here in the fall as you guys can see it
is completely fall all the trees are
down believe it’s cold I got gloves on
you can’t really see my breath but trust
me it’s cold and we’re gonna build in
our box for base here and surviving in
the woods for the next 24 hours for you
guys so in order to do that guys we’ve
gotta get started by building up our
base as well as getting the basic
necessities we need food we need water
and we need warmth slash shelter so the
boxers are actually pretty warm I’m not
too concerned about it getting too cold
in before what I am concerned about is
it getting way too dark too quickly
also last time we were here we saw a lot
of coyotes which really got a scare so
we gotta make sure that we figure out a
way to build some sort of weapon to
defend ourselves against those during
the nighttime other than that guys the
sun’s going down it’s getting colder
every minute that goes by I think we
have to start building and get our
shelter ready for the night oh and by
the way guys you are thinking about
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all right Jake we gotta get this thing
built it’s getting cold alright guys
check it out we just finished putting on
the roof this thing looks so sick look
at this we’ve got a door here on the
side we got a nice little mat here that
we can walk on so we don’t track any
dirty signs so now that this is done we
do up to deck out the inside and make it
look really awesome inside with all of
our lighting and all of our other gear
so we actually will sleep and survive
and have food in there but before we do
that there’s a few things we need to do
we need to make some weapons for tonight
because like we said guys there are
coyotes in these woods and we need to
make sure that we are safe if we
encounter any I’m thinking I’m gonna try
and make a slingshot
I brought some elastic bands as well as
some other stuff to help me make it so
we have to go out and see if we can’t
find some wood that kind of resembles a
slingshot and if we can get that
together hopefully it works we might
need to do some target practice if you
guys remember we got this really nice
rock here and this is where we can put
our fire to keep us warm during the
night you know what let’s do the camo
now and then I’ll go and find my
slingshot alright its camo netting time
guys check this out
this thing is sweet not sure how big
it’s gonna be but either way guys we
want to kind of cover this with some
leaves and some other things to not only
make it more insulated but to also make
it very like secure so that no one can
actually find us during the night well
that’s a start
definitely adds a little bit of
camouflage or for sure gonna need to add
some leaves to this as well as some logs
to really kind of blend it in
but for now looks pretty awesome guys so
let’s keep adding on
alright guys check out just how awesome
this looks we went ahead and we
completely canvassed the entire fort in
a bunch of trees a bunch of wood as well
as a bunch of like sticks and twigs and
extra leaves on top this is not only
gonna make it so that our fort is very
secure and hard to find in the woods but
it’s also gonna make it so that’s even
warmer and more secure against things
like rain and wind because this thing is
reinforced not only with cardboard not
only with our camo netting but also with
leaves sticks I mean it’s it’s a
legitimate shelter at this point so it’s
looking awesome it’s coming along great
we still gotta go inside and check out
the inside make sure it’s all warm and
cozy in there but before we get to that
I’m gonna go now and I’m gonna try and
find my slingshot as well as some items
to make a spear I also have to collect
firewood for tonight which is on the
list of things to do the sun’s going
down is getting cold we got a lot of
stuff to do we gotta get started before
this thing shot I’ve got this this is
basically just kind of the remnants of
an old slingshot that I found it’s the
elastic as well as the cuff kind of part
here that will actually hold like a
rocker stone so to turn this into a real
slingshot I need a piece of what it
looks like a slingshot some tape and
then need some bullets which in this
case will be little bits of rock once
I’ve got all of that on the instead of a
cardboard piece because I want to make
sure that I’m accurate I want to make
sure that I’ve got my shots on point so
we will do a little bit of target
practice ask for the spear all I need is
a long piece of wood that I can kind of
Whittle into a spear and then reinforce
it with some tape and then we’ll have
two weapons to survive the night with
the only thing I don’t think we’re gonna
have time for today is gonna be the
shower but that’s ok so I wasn’t gonna
take a shower tonight I was gonna wait
till tomorrow morning to take our shower
because we need to heat up the water on
our camping stove so that’s like warm
you know we’re in the freezing cold here
so we definitely don’t want to be taking
a shower in freezing cold water these
are the cold is one of our biggest
adversaries in this build with that
being said I think I’ll wait till
tomorrow to build that but if I do have
some extra time I might try and make a
box for an outhouse for us so you know
we have a place to do what nature calls
for you to do at night
I’m currently scouting for a piece of
wood that looks like a slingshot the
terrain and I’m having to deal with here
is it really the greatest but I’m hoping
that I can find some kind of like old
driftwood over here that’ll really help
us definitely should have brought a
flashlight it’s getting darker by the
second out here and if I don’t have a
flashlight it’s gonna be very hard to
find my way back so I definitely can’t
spend too much time out here searching
now I’m a little worried cuz I don’t
exactly know where I am I might be lost
I will update you once I figure out
where I am still have no idea where I am
I cannot find Logan
I think the fort is back this way look
what I just found
I may have just found the scariest
tunnel in the woods I thought we found
scary tunnels when we were searching for
the rape still no no wood that looks
like a slingshot yet so I’m gonna keep
searching I’m not gonna panic yak
panicking is the worst thing you can do
I’m just gonna go with the direction I
think I need to go and hopefully I find
Logan found this open area here our fort
should be somewhere back here so I’m
gonna go back and get a flashlight this
time and also stay a lot closer because
I was starting to get scared I know it
didn’t look like I was getting scared
but I was getting scared look what I
just found a little dark to see but that
give me a slingshot
I just got home he probably can barely
see me it’s so dark out I took a little
bit of a spill in the water and actually
got my feet completely soaked and now
they’re just numb I can’t even feel my
feet right now but I was able to find
her slingshot so I’m gonna bring that
inside and work on the inside also guys
I went ahead and I started a little bit
of a bundle here for our fire for
tonight I’ve got a little fire starting
kit inside the base I’ll bring that out
and start the fire a little bit later
but I think we’re gonna get inside start
working on our weapons and then it’s
almost time for dinner all right Logan
let’s see what you’ve done in here oh
they’re a lot cozier than out there I’m
still working on the edges but as you
can see I finished most of them not that
not done yet it’s so warm in here though
and I feel so safe especially knowing
that this place is covered with leaves
as well as wood like I just feel safe in
here so we’re still gonna go outside
we’re still get out of the fire but
before we do that I gotta work on the
slingshot and I also got to work on
Logan’s spear well this is half the
spear the other half so over there so
we’re gonna get that started as well as
dinner and then we’re just gonna bunker
down for the night
there we go guys attach the slingshot to
our awesome piece of wood that I found I
also went ahead and tape the bottom for
a nice grip and now all we need is a few
stones and bam alright guys and last but
not least got Logan’s feet here got a
nice grip long extension no coyotes are
getting in here tonight
so we’ve now been lying here for like 30
minutes we are exhausted we built the
whole base as you guys saw decked out
everything I did basically get lost in
the woods in order to find a slingshot
and we know we need to eat we know we
need to make a fire because we got to
survive here tonight I mean we only have
what we brought at this point so we’re
gonna lie here recoup a little bit and
then I think we’re gonna start getting
dinner ready I’m honestly ready for bed
but we still got some stuff to do well
we’ve been chilling for a little while
now we’re getting some of our strength
I’m getting hungry so I think it’s time
to eat you brought some of our classic
MREs if you guys are new to the channel
you’ve never seen this EVs before these
are really cool they’re entire meals
that come in this package for example
this is spaghetti and meatballs and all
you need is a little bit of water from
our canteen here and this will cook as
hot as if it’s in a real oven and it
comes with dessert it comes with like a
beverage mix coffee napkins everything
you need is really cool their military
rations so we’re gonna open up these to
what we get for tonight’s dinner I also
brought some glow sticks for some extra
light so I think I’m gonna crack these
open now we got a nice little candlelit
bye glow stick in the middle of the
alright guys so I opened up the first
one here and as you can see we got our
spaghetti and meatballs which is in this
pack we’ve got a cracker which is always
good you know when your cracker comes in
a vacuum sealed container that can last
25 years you know it’s gonna be a good
cracker on top of that we have Gatorade
gravy and potatoes interesting not sure
if I’m gonna have that it’s a bit weird
this is cheese sauce for the cracker
spoon with pepper wet-nap salt napkin a
little bit of hot sauce all these need
that Oh some pound cake uh and then this
is the main thing that we used to
actually cook these things this is the
here and all you need to do is pour a
little bit of water in here and it’s
gonna heat up to the temperature of an
don’t stick this outside and let her
food cook for about 10 minutes and then
we’re ready to eat so while it’s cooking
I think I’ll go set the fire but let’s
get these assembled and put these
outside so while our foods cooking
outside before we get to the fire I
thought we’d have some of the snacks
that came with it so like I said we’ve
got these crackers I mean they’re
literally solid but that’s okay because
it’s survival and every little bit of
food we have is very important we’ve got
a long day of hiking building the
shelter we gotta make sure that we keep
eating we gotta make sure that we keep
hydrated so cool about this is it’ll
last like 25 years
I’ll pick peanut butter cuz I’m a little
bit grossed out about cheese whiz on a
that came from a bag oh no the crackers
very brittle it’s super dry there we go
that’s a massive chunk of peanut butter
it’s a little gross but I mean I could
be much worse surviving in the woods or
not it’s pretty darn good
so dry we’re gonna have dessert before
we have our dinner which in this case is
a vacuum-sealed cookie now know what you
think can pop a Jake you’re eating your
dinner in Reverse that’s true I mean you
just take 20 minutes for those things to
cook up sighs let’s see we got a
chocolate chip cookie in here let’s see
how this looks for something that’s
supposed to last 25 years looks pretty
good I’m assuming it’s not nice and warm
in the VOC really good I guess oh I came
outside the fort he’s very cold out here
we want to kind of get warmed up a
little bit we’re gonna create a fire it
would really need it for a little bit of
time just to kind of take the chill out
of the air and warm ourselves up as you
guys know my feet are still numb from
falling in the water I really should
have brought more layers could it gone
at night we made a little fire pit here
out of some stones hopefully this thing
lights I did bring a fire starter kit
which has kind of like some nice dry
kind of kindling but we’re just trying
to get a little bit of heat to warm up
and though the wood is just so wet out
here it’s been raining for days on end
just that little bit of heat takes the
chill out of the bones got the fire
going here I’m gonna try and warm up a
little bit take that chill out of the
air and then once we’re done here we’re
gonna go back inside and have our dinner
having a fire like this is so important
to stay warm and just can’t get the
chill out of the air like in this summer
survival box for it we kind of made it
you know kind of for fun to have some
warmth at night but also to kind of make
like a nice atmosphere with the box for
it now that we’re getting closer and
closer to our winter survival box worth
this is just all the more of a necessity
for us if we didn’t have this fire right
now I would not have been able to get
the numbness out of the tips of my
fingers and my feet I remember guys if
you want us to keep going if you guys
want us to do this but in the heart of
winter when there’s like two to four
feet of snow smack that like button down
below just got back in from our fire
we’re all warmed up now now it’s time to
eat our dinner these have been cooking
outside for a little while so we’ve got
our vegetable taco pasta or spaghetti
with beef sauce looking which one do you
like getti with beef sauce alright here
you go man I’m gonna dive into this
guy’s is our dinner for the night
this is really good guys mom’s got like
some beans in it it’s a nice pasta I
know what you’re thinking
Papa Jake you’re eating something that’s
in the container that’s supposed to last
25 years it came in a bag and it looks
like this but honestly guys in the
middle of the woods
and a box for it and the freezing cold
um I’m let’s taste like heaven
alright guys I got spaghetti and beef
give it a go yep
beef beef and spaghetti I’m not gonna
give it a ton of time but it’s pretty
just finished dinner and tonight for
blankets we have two of these survived
that’s gonna be Jake and I’m just gonna
close you up in our survival playing it
but no we got to survival blankets it’s
actually just one big boy kit actually
yeah I thought it was to survival wings
cuz I saw two people and then I read the
package and it’s it’s just one big wing
I mean it’s better than nothing and guys
we actually started using survival
blankets because they’re a lot easier to
lug around then like big sleeping bags
and they’re extremely warm all right
guys get Logan over here it’s already
starting to heat up the really cool
thing about a survival blanket is it
basically reflects all of your heat back
at you and doesn’t let any escape so I
know it looks thin I know it looks small
but this thing is already starting to
get toasty it’s been an extremely long
day we built the fort we made dinner we
made a fire we made weapons I think it’s
time to turn off the lights and get to
bed in our 24-hour fall woods survival
challenge see you in the morning
it was so cold as far as the night went
I would say it went pretty well we have
any issues with like coyotes or anything
like that it wasn’t too bad I could wake
you go for budge during the bill that I
mainly just cuz they’re so cold at one
point I was like I think I should make
another fire and then I was like at that
point it would it would just be way too
freezing so definitely going forward if
we’re gonna be doing this in the winter
survival I think two things we need to
bring more coats and jackets sleep
sleeping bags for sure and I think we
need some way to like keep this or
insulate this a little bit more I think
we’ll try and maybe make some some
coffee as well imma imma get the lights
turned on we’re gonna go outside we’re
gonna kind of scout out see what it
looks like and then I think we need to
start making a fire it’s kind of warm up
because I am chilled to the bone right
now we’re forced looking pretty good
everything kind of held up during the
night so didn’t have any big issues
let’s go outside and check out what it
looks like
so I was right that is very bright all
right let’s head out oh that is pretty
crazy though we slept here didn’t really
get a good look at it last night because
when we were working on it it was almost
pitch black so now to actually see it in
daylight it’s really cool you can hear
anything in the night it’s just in these
leaves in 610 I got fold it over a
little bit but at the end of the day
waking up to this is totally worth it
the coffee on so bright yeah we’ve never
any issues with like the roof caving in
or anything like that we’re gonna get a
fire going cuz it’s absolutely freezing
out here we want to get some coffee made
so you kind of warm up you know get the
chill out of the air
I made this cool kind of like makeshift
holder for the channel basically we’re
gonna fill our kettle up with some water
that we brought and we’re gonna hang it
on here over the fire until it boils
once we got some boiling water we have
some instant coffee from our MREs that
we can put in our water bottles and we
got some nice fresh warm morning coffee
all right guys got the fire going
warming up here definitely need this on
a cold morning after a long night in the
like we said last night guys it just
just takes the chill out of the air
warms us up so we’re gonna make some
I’ve got ourselves a little camping pot
here which we’re gonna go ahead and put
our water in so I’m gonna put it in here
we’re gonna need about one water bottle
pool to make two cups of coffee we’re
gonna hang it up here and wait for it to
boil once this starts boiling guys we’re
gonna put our instant coffee in it fill
up our water bottles we’ve got some nice
warm coffee to warm us up on this
awesome morning
like the water is starting to boil here
so I’m gonna take our pot of water off
and now we’re basically gonna put our
instant coffee in here and make our
coffee who’s a bit pot but that’s what
you want with some nice fresh coffee
there we go now we’ve got some awesome
morning coffee
nothing like chilling by a nice fire
warm cup of coffee in the morning out in
the wilderness that’s good that’s really
that was awesome we finished up
breakfast we had our coffee I’m feeling
a lot warmer you know we had a fire got
warmed up so now I think it’s time to
try some target practice you guys saw it
we made our homemade weapons Logan has
his homemade sphere but we still want to
touch up on her skills and just see how
good we are with the weapons so we’re
gonna set the target over there and
we’re gonna stand back a little bit and
shoot at it with the slingshot no maybe
throw the spear at it and have a little
friendly competition to see who’s best
all right I’ve got all of our ammo here
in the form of pebbles let’s set the
target let’s use the best shot we got
our makeshift slingshot here how’s you
guys solved there’s a piece of wood that
I found it yesterday now we’re gonna
grab one of these pebbles and see how we
do I think we’ll do three shots each and
then we’ll compare scores all right all
right it was a four shot little low but
yeah I’m not just at least to hit the
oh that was close to a bull’s-eye shot
number three it’s gonna be hard for
Logan to follow oh hold close one damn
it all right all three were on target
and one very close to bullseye
well sale Logan does that was that was
dope guys oh I don’t know what that
means I think we need to each take one
more shot and winner-takes-all that Jake
beat that it looks like I’m up guys here
we go
I need a prime pebble papa Jake’s been
holding out on you guys I’m actually a
slingshot master so I gave it too much
power and it went too high go Papa Jake
just be a throne master I got them spear
skills just like straight out of a video
game here we go it was a very uh narrow
dynamic spear and it was more for poking
than throwing but anyway pretty much
sums up our spear throwing skills I
think this finally wraps up our 24-hour
survival in the wilderness
during fall during the season right
before winter as you guys know we are
getting ready for the winter survival
challenge so if you guys like this and
you guys want to see us do this again
but in like two feet of snow or in
parkas and a lot more challenging
because there’s less wood there’s less
food and it’s freezing smack that like
button down below we want to try and get
50,000 likes on this video pretty much
any video in the future smack that Bell
button hit the subscribe button that
ensures you’ll always get a brand new
Papa Jake video on your YouTube but when
we upload our new videos so thank you
guys so very much this has been Papa
Jake and I’ll see you guys next time for
another awesome video

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