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As usual with Acebeam,
in this next update
of pocket EDC flashlights
line there is a choice
of 3 different LEDs,
and two bodies – ordinary
aluminium and fashionable copper.
Well, a serious turbo level
has been announced as well
as much as 3,000 lumens!
Lets take a look at this new flashlight.
as usually, i`ll start with
overall impressions.
BTW, “ECO” in left corner
relates to eco mode set,
there is brighter “POWER”
as well
Generally speaking,
the TK18 has become another
flashlight, reinforcing my opinion
that Acebeam now makes
the most interesting
and easy to use flashlights.
The TK18 has quite good
gift potential –
it is more affordable than
many other Acebeam models
and therefore comparable
with the definitely more boring
flashlights of competitors,
it has good packaging
and appearance.
At the same time,
if you wish, you
can pay extra for a copper version
– the latter, moreover, will
positively affect the heat sink.
There is a choice from
the point of view of functionality,
three LED options give you
the opportunity to choose
the light you need for
yourself – the most throw with Osram,
the brightest with Samsung
or HiCRI Nichia with neutral light.
In general, if you
are not critical of the lack
of built-in charging and you
want a brand triple with
convenient UI and a
decent appearance – just
a compact flashlight for
every day, then the Acebeam TK18
will not disappoint.
Of course, there is fierce
competition in this segment,
and here I do not dare
to advise something,
there are too many
variables here.
As you can see here,
throw is unexpectably good
for such sort of flashlight
where you may expect some sort
of floody light
here is definetely lights up
within 100m range
even in not brightest mode of 1090lums
And, again, you also have
choice of NichiaSamsung.
But for me this Osram is most
And now lets take a look at TK18
Nothing new – everything
is at the same high
level typical to Acebeam.
Thick cardboard,
excellent printing.
Gift potential is
definetely high. From point of
view of gift everything is wonderful.
kit includes everything you need
besides battery.
which I find only an advantage
Those who need it, can buy it separately,
and those who do not need it,
will not overpay.
For me personally,
the main contribution to
the positive impression
of the appearance
of the Acebeam TK18 is
made by a clip and a
bezel coated with “bronze”.
If they were black
or non-anodized, uncoated,
the flashlight would have
looked quite banal.
Once again – not bad,
but pretty ordinary.
I would not attribute this
to the minuses, because
it is extremely difficult
to come up with something
new in such a saturated category
of flashlights as the 18650 EDC.
Well, with this coating,
the flashlight looks quite attractive.
Here it is, the power
of the little things that
define the overall impression.
As for the sizes, from
the position of a EDC flashlight
they are quite comfortable. Thanks to the use of TIR optics,
it was possible to reduce
the length of the head and
come to the final 105x25mm,
which is frankly far from 14cm
flashlights, which can also
be found in the EDC segment.
The button is medium size,
lays in the recess and only
slightly protrudes from the body.
The latter should definitely
reduce the possibility of accidental
clicks (and after all, there
is also a button lock +
the usual contact break by the tailcap).
Spring is medium thick.
Given the maximum declared brightness,
i feel quite skeptical about this thickness.
I was pleasantly surprised that
there was a place even for the spring
at the head, which is rare enough
for flashlights with such dimensions.
threads are well lubricated.
Knurling of a rather rare type,
with large squares, perfectly affects
the grip.The grip itself
is quite comfortable. The only
thing I suspect is that
in thick gloves it may be
uncomfortable to press a button.
The cooling fins are not bad
for the overall dimensions of the flashlight,
something better could not be done here.
But also – dont overestimate their effectiveness.
The bezel twists off without any problems.
But i couldnt go beyond this:
the glass covering the TIR lens
(which is good in itself)
was pressed tightly inside and it was not
possible to get it.
Otherwise, you see for yourself – three LEDs
and I can not add anything more to this.
That’s all. Great gift package,
decent appearance. With a
maximum probability, everything
is at the same high level inside as well.
After all, this is Acebeam.
user interface is simple
and convenient. you have to be really
dumbass to find it useless and
hard to remember
for the rest, see model page with detail.
the option with Osram LEDs that
fell into my hand shines
radically differently than with others
– Nichia or Samsung. So what in my case.
The cold white light turned out to be quite good.
Due to the specificity (they are extremely long-range)
of these LEDs, the light distribution is
narrower than that of a simple EDC OP , for example, Convoy S2 +.
stabilization – there are no questions, everything is fine here.
influence of thermoregulation is clearly visible.
Of course, the maximum brightness without cooling is short-term,
you shouldnt expect anything else from flashlight
with such size. Be that as it may,
The this is not a useless flash,
when necessary, you have time to look around.
Mode spacing is quite normal and
convenient for everyday use + their
line is expanding due to the choice
between eco power groups. For maximum
situations, the first is enough for you.
basically, that is all
light is good, no matter what
advantage of it you wanna get
throw, CRINW, brightness
and again, Acebeam pleases
audience with thought of and nice
flashlight. I liked it, and
pls write your opinion in comments
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and like this video
there will be one more
fresh Acebeam model,
Acebeam H50 in next review
that`s all folks
thanx for watching this video
please dont turn it off
and watch to the very end

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Survival Gear To Have For Civil Uprise How Can I Shop

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