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Hello, YouTube. It is Chris here and in today’s episode. We’re going to be going over my ultimate EDC organizer survival kit
I love building Outdoor DIY survival kits out the yin-yang
I have a lot of them on my channel, but I have been intrigued by the concept of the EDC organizer, however…
There are only maybe three or four videos that are truly in my opinion at least actually worth watching. I wanted to make sure
That when I build my kit, I built what I feel is one of the best rigs out there!
I need to be able to accomplish urban survival if need be. I need to be able to accomplish certain aspects of Wilderness Survival.
But I also need to encompass
Secondary and back up everyday carry items now. This is going to be on top of my
Personal everyday Carry which is something that I keep on me everyday, but if I need subsequent items
Or I need more of a survival kit
It’s something I can keep in my glove box
And anything like that. The items that you put in your own personal kit if you get any ideas off of my kit will be drastically
I am here. Just showing you what I’ve put in my kit, and why I’ve chosen to do so, this is a fully comprehensive
207 piece Survival kit and if you don’t believe me we’ve gone through and check listed
Absolutely everything and triple check just to make sure. Every single item in here has been thoroughly vetted
Tested and approved as things that I would trust in a survival situation
Every single item in this kit is made for a purpose even the morale patch the morale patch is actually glow-in-the-dark
I need to find it at night
It’ll radiate a glowing American flag so it’ll be much easier to identify it at Night Time. The Paraclaw by Outdoor edge
this is a
Tinder zip I attached a ziptie to it due to the fact that if I ever have to use the TinderZip I don’t loose
the functionality of the ykk zipper. In addition to that
I added 10 feet of 550 paracord that has a special type of weave and attachment to it
So if I ever need to access it I can cut that quick tab real fast and be able to quick release the entire spool
Very adequately not to mention
We have these blade Tech clips on there so I can attach this the any type of pack a web belt or anything
That kind for easy carry into a bigger pack
This is the maxpedition fatty organizer now what we’re going to be doing is jumping into the pouch that is back here underneath
Then we’ll touch the gear up top then we’ll go into the gear over here
And then we’ll jump into the pouch underneath of that zipper. First
I wanted to make sure I had a Ouchy booboo kit. This is the on-the-fly kit by Survival Medical
It has all the items that you see listed here, and if you want to full list the contents
I’m definitely going to be putting links to all the kits and all that for an item to have in the video description
So if you want to check in this stuff out
You can but it gives you a comprehensive ouchy booboo kit. If you have some injuries. It can take care of some
Medium wounds. Next we have an emergency blanket
This is a just a normal mylar blanket can be used for shelter, radiating warmth, or just an emergency piece of kit that you can use.
Now in addition to that what I have inside this bag are five pieces of 100mg caffeine gum to keep my
energy up because I don’t have any room to put food stores and I need to keep moving to hopefully get myself back to safety and last but
Not least I have six sheets of waterproof paper so I can leave notes for anybody
That may be looking for me, or can also be used in everyday carry situation
So if I need to have a to-do list doesn’t really matter why I need it
It’s just good to have some paper with you. I wanted to make sure I have some good amount of cordage
I have 15 feet of Paracord right here
I have the 10 feet of Paracord right here on the quick pull tab
But I wanted to make sure I have some additional cordage with me so right here
I have 25 feet of technora. If you guys don’t know what that is.
for its size and weight this is some of the strongest cord on the planet. It has a
450 pound tensile strength cordage, but it’s very lightweight
It gives me a lot of usable cordage so I can use it for shelter tents takes anything like that
But it’s just good to have cordage with me so with the combination of the paracord bracelets of the tech
Nora and the loop I have 50 feet of cordage
Next we have my flashlight which I chose to use the o light s to a baton
It’s a good Edc sized flashlight
But it can stack up to a really good useful brightness of I believe over 300 lumens
It takes very common batteries which are double-a batteries
But all the old lights that I’ve tested on my channel are very useful
Proven light the next two items are my dino boned a tactical pen this is gives me a nice writing element
But is also a designated glass breaker
This is really lightweight
I like the usefulness of a tactical pen because it can be using a self-defense situation if need be
But it’s also a good writing implement now to make sure I don’t run out of ink in the middle of the day I also
Have this elixir. This is a new item you guys haven’t seen yet on the channel, but it’s already been tested
it has a stylus on there, so if I’m using any of my smart devices
But it also gives me an ability to have a ballpoint pen
But in addition to this it has one additional awesome function
Which if you unscrew this right here?
They have this little spike for a glass breaker
But this glass breaker is a little more ingenious because it employs a spring system to break the glass
for use next up
I have the knife it is in this kit, and I chose the brand new cold Steel Pocket Bushman
This has the ram safe lock it’s a super strong locking mechanism
But it gives you a four and a half inch blade with ctS BD1
It’s a good budget knife that will serve you in an outdoor, Edc or survival situation with a four and a half inch blade
It’s nice and thinly profile good ergonomics. They’re just for 25 bucks. I couldn’t not use it
This is a special component that comes from walls your survival gear, and it’s got two waterproofed tablets in there
We have a 1 litre water bag for water boiling water storage drink ability portability anything like that
I’ve got three ranger bands that are also very useful
They’re also very flammable so that needs a man the ability to start a fire. I’ve got that but inside here
There is a really thick proprietary sheet of aluminum foil, and I also decided to wrap an another piece of heavy deluding foil
so if I need to do any
Cooking of any kind since I don’t actually have a pot to carry in I can use it as an improvised frying pan
In addition to that you can take those two pieces and I actually took a very same piece and build a cup pot Bowl whatever
You want to use this in you can use this to boil water cook food in this is using the same
Exact sheets that you would find in my kit and before we move on to different components
You’ll notice these tenders if these come from exo. Tech there is basically the live fire from 550 fire Cord
It’s the tender that is used there
I love this tender because I can use these little tab at extra fire tender cookies
Have fluff these up, and then become an instant fire starter if I need them no matter what in the middle here
I have my hydro blue sidekick. This is a easy and awesome, EdC water filter
It’s been thoroughly tested on my channel
It can filter up to 100 gallons of water
But it’s a three-stage kit with active carbonate the holo stall filters
Every one of my family a bunch of my different sims that use this and for the money of this being 1617 bucks
It’s just a no-brainer to put in this kit this water proof capsule that I got from a company called
Vigilant gear I can probably they have something similar this on Amazon
But I decided to take some pair of tinder so I also have some additional tender to it
But this is a waterproof capsule we also have some hockey tape under here and a ranger band, but this is a waterproof
capsule this will hold 21 fat packs and these
Fire starters are freakin amazing because you get 30 to 45 seconds of fire sorting capability
But they waterproof and if we need them in a first-aid situation, they make a very awesome
Disinfectant as we move on since we have several bladed tools in this kit
I needed a way to be able to feel sharp on my stuff. So the logical thing was the sparking sharp
it gives me a 90-degree edge for serrations or striking a
Fair knob this also gives me carbide teeth to do some flat ground sharpening on and blade just to feel sharpened
They keep a blade serviceable and in this screw cap right here
We also have the ferro Rod that throws a good amount of Sparks and like I’ve done a lot of other stuff
I also put another tinder zip now. We’re going to move through this pretty quick. We have some chapstick
Which is the Beeswax lip balm good for fire start and keep your lips dry skin protectant?
We all know the benefits of Chapstick then we have the Nano spark by Exo. Tec however
I decided to improve upon the original design
I took the actual capsule
Piece out, and I put in four no five pieces of fat packs in here for first aid additional fire starting
This is a really good flint wheel we also have this vic lighter
But it is a positronic electric lighter because it is waterproof this will give me an additional
Usefulness in a survival situation and as we move on if you can’t have a good complete kit without a multi-tool
So this is my leatherman, sidekick. We have the spring activated pliers. We have a good knife
We have a saw we have pretty much everything
We need in a kit such as this so if you need to get any survival situation stuff done for wood processing
Just doing some tools and urban environment this just makes a lot of sense now
We don’t know how long I would be out with this kit
If it I was in a survival situation for any reason, but I have my flashlight
But I decided it’s for illumination purposes
I have two extra Double-a batteries to coincide with my flashlight and for anybody who is watching my d other diy videos?
I have my 60 piece
Micro altoids fire-starting tin if you want to see that you can definitely check out that video
But this gives me a lot of different ways to start a fire in this kit
That is extremely comprehensive
But extremely extremely lightweight actually have this nice little bite zipper pull from wall to survival gear this actually gives you
10 feet of 15 pound test line for fishing line it gives you a fish hook and a split shot weight
So you actually have an ability to have a small addition to a fishing kit right here on the zipper pool
We have my ship kit. Which is a toy filled toiletry kit
I want to make sure that I don’t have to jump to plants or anything natural right away in case
I’m not sure of the area. I’m in but this gives me a still toiletry kit
This is a single-use, but if I needed to stretch this out of something
I could use a day or two this gives me a disposable bag some twelve paper wet wipes and hand sanitizer
Now moving on is we have my 28 piece micro survival kit from go prepare survival
I know you guys saw this in a recent episode
And I did touch base that this is something that would be in this kit
But I like this kit because it gives me snare wire and emergency whistle
It gives me a really good fire still a your signal mirror a small fishing kit
Ten feet of duct tape utility cordage it gives me pretty much everything
I need in a very constant comprehensive set up like I said if you want to see more about this definitely check out that video
Because this for a it’s such small size of only being 4 ounces for 28 pieces it’s amazing
I have an ability to do some fishing and some small minor trapping in a sCenario
But I also have my tin foil that I could use for building water and everything
But I need a way to be able to actually cook
So I wanted to make sure that I had everything I needed in this kit
So this is actually the fire ant by Ember lit my good friend
Matt Kyle who the owner of the company went ahead and sent this to me?
This is the tiny piece stove that you can use made at a titanium that only weighs like 2 ounces
So I have an ability to cook food out in the wilderness, but all in all this is my 206 piece
EDC Organizer
Survival kit now do I understand that there’s a lot of things in this kit that you would or would not put in this kid
Understand completely that down in the comments section definitely leave your ideas and opinions of things you would put in this kit and let me
Know what you think of this kit?
Now as you scan over all these items you can understand that this kit actually adds up in the overall
concept of this getting very expensive
But what I wonder we wanted to try to do with this kit is make sure the individual pieces were affordable
basically most of the pieces are 30 to 40 dollars and under except for maybe the
Titanium fire ant stove which is a little more expensive
But the nice being 25 bucks the shit kit being about 250 at a $35 22 piece survival kit
We’ve got a lot of useful items my concept was to use basically field-tested equipment that I could trust with my life
That I could use in a pinch in a survival situation if I don’t have a full rig yes
Nothing can substitute a full survival kit above
I’ll bag anything like that, but this is something that I can stick in my glove box
I could strap to my belt and carry this while this only weighing about three three and a half pounds
This is extraordinarily mobile yet, ferociously useful if you guys want to know any more about the items
I want to do some research links
I’m just going to have links to all of this stuff down in the video description
But definitely check out my feet on my channel because this stuff spans over a year worth of things that I have actually
feel tested and had on my channel in some way shape or form where there was in a kit a pack build or
individually tested, but if you enjoyed the test and review of my
206 piece
EDC Organizer
Survival kit that does video of big thumbs up and share this out with your friends and family in your social media networks
So we can keep growing
Surviving and making awesome videos for you guys, but that’s just about us for now. Hope you guys have an absolute wonderful day
I’m out

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