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Hey Carl here with Tactical Riflemen we
had a couple more comments on the
website about how I set up my helmet.
Setting up a helmet is easy don’t set it
up alright? Don’t put all the extra gee
whiz gadgets on it, all you’re doing is
you’re looking like a gear queer and you
really don’t need this stuff you really
don’t keep it simple, but for setting up
your helmet for proper use: first for
comfort alright most of your good
helmets even this old mich helmet they
come with removable pads on the inside
foam pads you’ll notice I have them
pulled out on the sides that’s because I
wear over the ear peltor headsets
those foam pads velcro right out you leave
them out so when you’re wearing your
headset that way it’s not giving you
that headache if you put on your helmet
you’re wearing it for a couple hours, and
you’re getting a headache from it
now if you don’t have it sized right get the
correct size helmet set it up so that
it’s comfortable. Chin strap needs to be
set up so that it sits
doesn’t pull at your head.
all right, brother that’s the
biggest part of wearing a helmet.
‘What kind of helmet to get?’ Again this is
an old mich helmet this is one of the
newer helmets this particular ones by
Team Wendy, Cry precision has the
airframe, there’s a number of great
helmets out there right now. Are they
really better? Yeah there’s been some
improvements mad. The the old mich
helmet was a big leaps and bound over
the old Kevlar helmet that we were
issuing people back in the 90s.
It’s supposed to be a little better
protection, again I know we lost a
captain during 2004, AK bullet went
right through the front of his helmet.
Unfortunately, that happened more than
once. Some helmets such as the cry
airframe, it has a much thicker plate on
the front of the helmet. That’s because
unfortunately, some units were taking a
much higher casualty rate coming from
the front and above so they went with a
thicker plate there.
This Team Wendy one is about as light as
you can go while still providing decent protection.
Whichever helmet you go for don’t just go for weight reduction.
Don’t just go for comfort.
Remember, primary job of the helmet is to
protect that brain housing group.
keep you alive. Next thing that’s important
about a helmet is your night-vision
mount on the front. This is a Wilcox
Mount, your actual hinge piece clips
right in there locks down you run all
different kinds of nods with this mount
everything from a pvs-1, duals, even the
quad ones piece of cake. You’ll notice
there’s small bungee cords here on this
helmet also on this one. What those are for is once you’ve got those night vision
goggles on you hook these onto the side
of your night vision goggles and they
pull it tight to your head keep them
from rattling around while you’re moving
your head. Now this particular setup you
notice I’m running a battery box on the
back of it, this is for batteries for
that night vision device the cool part
about this particular setup is I can run
double a’s on this side with the switch
to that side it’s running off of these
batteries. I then can if my batteries
start to go low in my night vision I can
flip it over to the other side it’ll
start running off of these batteries
without shutting my night vision goggles
off. I then can pull out my insert swap
fresh batteries put them back in and
I’ve never had to turn off my night
vision goggles great feature, you’ll
notice that I also run a cell placard on
both these helmets and the reason for
that is well you’ve got night vision
goggles on and you’re in the room it’s
hard for other assaulters other
operators to determine who you are with
those night vision goggles on but if
you’ve got a cell placard on the back of
your helmet you’ve got them on your arms
both sides they can see okay that’s
Charlie 0-3 he’s part of Delta cell blah
blah blah blah blah blah that’s a guy
that I know who that is now right so
other than that keep your helmet simple
the only other thing I’ve added on this
particular one is I’m running the IR
strobe on it and that’s simply so that
drones overhead helicopters everybody
or even on a
hey-ho jump other people can see that
strobe light and identify me now you
notice I’m keeping the the battery case
pointed to the rear, because the actual
IR illuminators are up front here also
what that does if I go into any near
low wires or underneath anything honey
hanging down in that helicopter or you
know inside of that osprey I don’t get
it hooked up and ripped off, alright.
Other than that that’s the basics of a
helmet, keep it simple you don’t need to
add all the extra gee whiz gadgets just
just so you look cool. That just adds weight to your head who
would want to do that? I should keep it
simple keep it plain make sure it’s
comfortable because you’re going to be
wearing it a long time.
Questions and comment, leave them below.

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  1. "Gear Queer" ?? <sigh>
    Every body's Time/Money equation works out differently. If, in your professional life, you are a Doctor/Lawyer/Software Developer, chances are you can afford more gear than the next guy… but then again chances are you don't have much time for training even if your heart is in the right place. That's just how life works in the unorganized militia although it does make sense that you wouldn't want to hang on to things you don't absolutely need during enemy contact. If I had to imagine someone I considered a "Gear Queer" it would be someone who wears and/or carries things that don't actually function well just because they look cool, i.e. the Tacticool thing. More training is certainly better but if you can afford the best gear, where best means best functioning, by all means, you should. As for training, more training is always better. Some people don't have much gear at all but get to train all day long and that is GREAT. Others support the movement by voting with their dollars. It'd be great if we were all financially independent and could have both time and money but few of us are.

  2. Any advice for sizing a helmet? Measure your head, of course. Are there any brands that run smaller or larger we should be wary of? Level 3A? Level IV?

  3. Private’s!!! you will never wear your brain bucket without eye pro , half right FACE! Front leaning rest position MOVE ! In cadence exercise 123 1 – 60