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if you take one thing away from this
video it’s to carry a jumper box in your
car the last thing you want to do is
rely on someone else who doesn’t have a
clue with jumper cables or sit on the
side of the road and wait for roadside
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the end of September is the busiest time
of year to travel triple-a says there’s
going to be 700 million trips being
taken so they could be weekend trips
long road trips but the one thing you
want to have in your vehicle no matter
what time of year is an emergency kit
now yeah you can find these online any
mass merchandiser any auto parts store
but what you get inside is a crappy to
be honest with you so what do you really
want in your car what is the perfect
emergency kit for you well I’m gonna
show you this and it’s super simple
these 18 items are what you want to
carry year round the one thing you want
to carry is jumper cables you know how
to use them most people don’t and if you
hook them up wrong you’re gonna find
yourself in trouble especially we’ve got
a hybrid car so you want to find out
where is the connection it’s not where
it used to be used to pop the hood there
was a battery there well it’s not that
way anymore many vehicles have batteries
buried somewhere in there’s just a post
so make sure to check your owner’s mail
if you don’t own jumper cables you don’t
know how to use them you don’t want to
learn how to use them that’s fine I
highly suggest you purchase a portable
jump starter now the nice thing about
this is it will jumpstart your vehicle
without another vehicle just plug it in
the wall get a full charge and you check
it every six months to make sure it
still has juice in it but one thing you
do need to know full-size SUVs full-size
pickup trucks this is not going to be
enough you’re going to need a larger
unit make sure you read the details if
you’re in doubt make sure to ask someone
in an auto parts store do you know how
to change a flat tire
most people don’t in addition to that
they would rather speak in front of a
crowd then change a flat tire it’s
actually pretty easy to do all in your
owners manual but if you have no clue
maybe you can’t because of a disability
you’re pregnant you just don’t want to
learn or you have run flat tires and you
figure why do I need to learn
well you
actually do need to learn and one of
things you can do to help you is you can
carry a tire inflation product the tire
Tech’s hate these tire inflation
products because they’re no fun to clean
out when you take the tire off the wheel
if you’re stuck on the side of the road
and you have no idea what you’re doing
this might be the best choice if you’re
stuck on the side of the road and you
don’t want to wait for road service you
may not have a spare tire which most
vehicles don’t any longer you want a
tire inflation product this will seal
the tread area it will not seal the
sidewall if it’s ripped then you’re
gonna have to get a spare or possibly a
tow if you’ve run over something maybe
you have a nail on the tire you can seal
it but that will not add air to the tire
that’s why I recommend getting a kit
these are not that expensive they’re
always on sale at mass merchandisers but
this will add air to the tire as well as
seal it and it is a smart choice do you
remember those old striking flares you’d
leave them on the side of the road and
the first truck that would go by they to
end up in a ditch well there’s a better
solution these are LED light flares hit
the button once it flashes twice it’s
solid and best of all there are magnetic
so they’ll stick to the side of your car
they’ll also stay on the road and best
of all they’re reusable they’re under
$20 you should have at least three of
these in every vehicle I got three in
this Shelby gt500 this is an emergency
kit it is not a bunch of bandages in a
ziploc bag it is a complete emergency
kit that you can use as something
happens anytime get a decent flashlight
this one has three D cell batteries
believe me you’ll be glad you have it
you never know how long you’re going to
be stuck on the side of the road keep
some protein bars in the car I always
carry a 5-hour energy and of course
bring some bottles of water you may need
them for a radiator you might be needing
to drink them every vehicle should have
a tire gauge whether it’s a dial gauge a
digital gauge but forget those stupid
stick gauges because the fact is they’re
really hard to read check the number
inside your driver’s door to get the
correct tire pressure so that you can
get the longest life the best fuel
economy and the best safety on the road
if your vehicle does break down always
make sure to find an ASE certified
technician if you can find a master tech
you’re in great hands I’m an ASE tech
and we take tests so that you can get
perfect properly the first time always
carry a pair work gloves whether you’re
pumping gas or adding washer fluid or
working on a vehicle you definitely
don’t want that grease to be ingested
this will keep your hands clean
especially if you’re working with some
icky stuff always carry an adjustable
wrench in some basic tools you never
know when you might need them I always
say you never know what could happen so
I always bring zip ties and duct tape
never know if there’s a problem you can
always zip it or duct it one thing you
can add to any emergency kit is a roll
of paper towels some glass cleaner and
some hand sanitizer always carry a
blanket for each person that rides in
the car you got to go underneath the car
you would be glad you have it
you never know you’re around it’s best
to be prepared this may look like
there’s a lot of things on the table but
in reality you can put this all in a
duffle bag put it in the trunk of your
vehicle behind the seat where every of a
spot you need to have it available for
those what-ifs and there’s a lot of
other what-ifs that could happen that
you don’t think about till it’s too late
that’s why Lauren fix this guide to
loving your car is really a good thing
to have for any new driver maybe you
haven’t taken driver’s ed in a long time
but all those things whether you’re
buying cars selling their car you need
to be prepared and that’s all in this
book you can check that out on the link
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Survival Gear To Stock Up On Buy Online

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  1. Maybe I should buy your Guide to Loving you Car book. If I owned a car, it would be handy to have.

  2. This was an excellent video. I have almost everything you recommended in my car. In addition, i carry a cpr shield mask, a tourniquet, clotting sponges, bug repellant, a fire extinguisher, and very important is a glass break device. The last item is very important in case your car becomes submerged. Btw did you buy a GT 500?

  3. East Coast drivers: Additional emergency items: Ice melt and non-clumping cat litter