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  1. I have a question, I'm planinng to join the Marines, but I wanna know if your going to be in constant deployment because I want to be out in country or constantly training even after bootcamp.

  2. Agreed.
    I always thought the Marines got the Army's old equipment, or old Air Force Bases, like the 29stumps.

  3. The Military pays less than $300 for each M9….and I think they are overpaying.
    They weigh 2.5 lbs…unloaded! The trigger pull can be upwards of 13 lbs in double action, and maybe as low as 5 lbs in single action. They have large grips, making it difficult for people with smaller hands. They definitely have their trouble spots that are prone to breakage (the slide near the ejection area (can't call it a port).
    The only thing I will concede is that they are fairly accurate (firing single action).
    Some "Special" units are issuing different handguns and it's definitely time for the rest of the military to move on also.

  4. I agree 100 percent with you…I don't want any of the $300 screwdrivers either…Lol…I personally just started carrying a S&W SD9 VE and love it…You need to come up with a list of items that you liked very well in the Marines and decide if you can find it in the civilian market better made…Have a great day Marine…

  5. When I was in the Air Force there was a coffee pot for the C-141 aircraft that cost $30,000.00. A washer for a bolt 1/4" was $5,000.00. Not everything that the military purchases are at a good price.

  6. I have been buying and using surplus military field gear for years. Some of the best gear has been used by grunts in the field already. There is a reason the military uses it! But a good point there is always a business deal behind and sometimes there is better gear to be found in the civilian market! Surplus gear tends to be pretty cheap so theres an answer to all that too LOL! Great video bro and btw I just followed you on Instagram!

  7. We had to send 6 of our20 M9's to the armory when I first pistol qualed as a PFC which was really cool. Didn't think I'd get to but I must've made a good impression to the CO guns when I first checked into my unit. 4th CEB.

  8. I really don't think anyone would want an unreliable gun in a gunfight, Period. Unless your insane.

  9. Yeah…avoid marketing tactics that overuse the words "tactical" and "MOLLY"……yup, you read that correctly….."MOLLY".

  10. As with most large contracts selecting the Beretta was politically motivated. While Beretta scored well it was not the top points earner. Fed law: 21 to own a handgun. 18 to own a long gun. Good video Sir. Take care, be safe!

  11. Whats up with that beretta m9? It looks a lot different than other berettas ive seen. Have i been living under a rock?! JH6, how about a closeup vid explaining the "different" look of that beretta??