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  1. Can anyone tell me how to cut a seat belt on a plane when sharp instruments are not allowed. My teeth are old, I can't even bite butter.

  2. Will have to travel by air in 2016; so this is a useful video !  May have to pick up a Maxpedition 15" laptop computer bag and may carry Level IIIA soft armor.  For a Fire Kit a Pencil Sharpener with a Fresnel Lens !  For a pen I use the Maxpedition A…  space Pen (to break side window of a car or buss to evade the zombies) and/or Zebra F-701 with the Fisher Space Pen Refill !  Any pen that takes the Fisher Space Pen Refill !  The pen is mightier than the sword !  Thank you for this timely video !  tjl

  3. Great tactical blade! It looks very badass, especially in black.
    But I guess it's pretty expensive. Is it worth the price?
    Can you please make a more detailed review of that knife, for example with paper cut test after cutting some rope?