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  1. Julian, the changes in brightness levels and run times suggest that they've changed the boost converter to increase efficiency, and perhaps changed the uC firmware (or maybe it's all just marketing nonsense!). It might be worth a look at the PCBs to check for differences. Will the torch heads come apart without a plasma cutter? Are their old and new batteries both advertised as 3,400mAh?

  2. I lost a Nitecore EC11 in my back yard. Found it a month later and it still worked, battery was still charged too lol I'm so glad I started buying nice lights, much better than the old crap I had as a kid. Thanks for the video, this one looks really nice, bit too big to carry everyday but maybe nice for tenting or something.

  3. You know, there are other flashlight manufacturers also! Try Nitecore or Fenix or Olight or Acebeam or Niteye or Xtar or Skilhunt or Crelant or Jetbeam or Sunwayman….

  4. Gotta say.. looks like they just copied and pasted most of the manual, and the specs are almost identical. If the price varies significantly between the 2016 and the older model, I'd certainly go for the older model.

  5. I didn't even know you had this other channel! You should do a little "*nudge-nudge* I got another channel" kind of thing to move some traffic around.

  6. The Cree XML-U2 colour binning puts this die at the most extreme end of the cold-white spectrum. I'm thinking that they've changed the colour of the die so you now have neutral white which would explain why the lumen output is different from the old model but it seems they have neglected to change the colour bin markings in the instructions. Not surprising as the cree "XML-T6" & "XML-U2" became/is still a bit of a buzzword for cheap chinese torches. Just worth a thought.