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man I’m telling you just have like no
luck with this weather of course not all
days can be unicorns and rainbows so
sometimes it’s just a decision to get up
to go on keep going forward putting one
foot into the next do the next thing you
don’t have to do it all you don’t have
to accomplish everything you do the next
I’m Zachary Fowler and I’m Greg ovens
and this is a 30 day survival challenge
Canadian Rocky there’s only one rule if
you want to eat
you got a catch and cook it
the 30-day survival challenge season two
Canadian Rockies has been brought to you
in part by doctor Squatch soap hidden
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outdoor vitals wazoo survival gear
simple shot shooting sports and grim
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description below for the gear video of
the 30 days of bottle challenge
boring day 25 and it is windy I am
getting blowing all around oh yeah I
don’t mind though kind of allows you to
sleep it’s like being rocked like a baby
so but I’ve nicely been a little bit
since we’re gonna do a big hike today
head down the mountain and see if we
can’t find some blueberries there’s
supposedly a giant blueberry patch that
Greg found a month ago when he scouted
this I had little berries on it already
not fish let’s get out there I hear Greg
he’s already started the fire just now
and get this day going
good morning
hey coffee wrong and even the rock up
I’ll cool for fish nice get some food in
this and go for a hike right
I think maybe a little like another ten
feet up in the trees and that would be
very unsettling yeah wind and that first
thing that was unsettling at first
because it was dark and you’re bobbing
and weaving around sleeping pretty well
because of it now that was just one of
the bigger comment that I always had
wait till you’re up there and it’s windy
out you know you’ll be swinging all over
the place and it’s really it’s kind of
nice I mean it’d be a tragedy if one of
the trees broke but I mean yeah I mean
if it was super windy where you’re
worried about trees falling over then
you might not even want to be up there
but yeah but that’s like how could you
predict that like what how would you be
any safer up there than down here oh you
know I mean cause like if they’re
blowing so hard yeah if it’s a micro
blow you know a whole swath at home
we’ve had micro blows and a whole swath
of trees that are you know as big as
these bigger trees here you know like
this big around just like woosh tops of
them just knocked right off you were in
that area
big clobbered yeah I was just trying to
stop all today yep I was so part from
all the fish heat up our pizza stone
correct oh yeah it’s starting to crack
ready to give out on us
seen better days well like I saying
maybe we should do the other side of it
well crusty stuff on that side yeah you
can do that
you think so yeah yeah sure I mean I
know this it’s sticking pretty bad on
this side yeah that’s what I say yes yes
in the Teflon on our stone is uh it’s
come off breaking up on us captain yeah
her giving her all she’s got she can’t
take it kept me high the haggis is in
the fire for sure little table so nice
check out Greg’s Ferro rod they’re deer
antler heavy duty you don’t have to
worry about wearing through that one
anytime soon so yeah the my Ferro rod
used to be twice this big I actually cut
it in half it used to be half inch by 12
inch but they changed the regulations to
6-inch feral rods so probably because of
my Ferro rod they changed the
regulations he’s talking about on a loan
because he he went out as an alternate
for season Redemption there in Mongolia
season six yeah so when he got there the
second time around if he was gonna go on
so you cut it and then he never got to
go on or deficit so I was like don’t you
wasted six inches yeah someone’s when I
beat you to it then I have more than you
how many people do you know that if you
asked them to could could sit down and
write 30 things you know that they they
loved about you they liked about you
only 5 cards left and I’m going home
having fun but it’s hard to toe tree to
get these end days to just you know
start thinking a home a lot more every
day and other foods besides fish you
know you do it like that first and then
flip it twice and it won’t stick well
the other side we’ve used it so much
that yeah we ruins a nonstick yeah this
is working
dear diary how hungry would I have to be
to eat Greg I don’t think there’s enough
with dobo in the world to make Greg
palatable but assuming Greg was the main
ingredient on Iron Chef I think it would
slow cook him for a full 24 hours and
served him with a hollandaise sauce and
a side of asparagus Rick would
appreciate that
he likes asparagus
those look disgusting time for some new
thank you Lord for all the fish help us
to make it down there and back find tons
of blueberries just name Amen
didn’t have much of an appetite Doug
took that first bite and now like crisp
depth on one side toasted on the rock
all perfect and juicy and wood dobo one
on the other side hmm
flies aren’t so bad right now we’d love
to leave them on just a smoke inside the
smoker but when the fire dies down if
we’re gone for five hours and Sun comes
out and flies come out these will get
ruined and these are the big ones so we
don’t want to fly as getting them we’re
gonna put it back on the smoke as well
so that way the smoke and and the
wrapped up protects them that should
yeah now we’ve added some green pieces
to keep a little bit of smoke going and
we’re gonna put some ashes on top the
way I banked my fire so that way it goes
to sleep wow we’re gone and doesn’t
flame up and the other advantage is if
we come back six hours later be able to
move those ashes out of the way and boom
have hot coals coalified wood that we
can just throw some other stuff on and
boom fire again
all right we made it out to the front of
the mountainside where the truck had
driven up earlier and series doesn’t
look too bad out there some dark clouds
but they all appear to be breaking up as
they go overhead so what’d you think I
think we’re good I think we’re good to
go right I think so
so where we’re going is if we go down
this road
it’s IG’s and zags all the way down to
and then there’s a road that comes out
of that lower area and comes up this way
and somewhere along in there is where
the blueberries are that he spotted that
we’ll be able to get at it’s about I
don’t know a couple of miles we’ll be
able to check on my galaxy watch under
here and see exactly how many miles we
did today down the hill and back up
let’s do it look at that one wild
strawberry is that a good sign is that a
good sign oh there’s more
there’s not a lot to them but man more a
flavour of something strawberry mm-hmm
stop river pies my yeah love stroke and
whereas nothing like this
Oh strawberry bar custard and strawberry
rhubarb anything mm-hmm my mom makes a
freezer jelly it’s like this frothy oh
so good frothy jelly that goes so good
on toast and all the strawberries are
right I’m assuming we will find some
so it’s a third rating what a surprise
well some thunder and lightning we’re
kind of caught in it so we’ve tucked
ourselves up in some trees here that’s
not there got one here myself big tree I
don’t know how long it’ll take before
they starts to leak if it rains really
really hard rain has stopped for the
minute cleared up a little bit
onward onward and downward blueberries
are calling I hope we hope we hope we
hope we hope we hope we hope we look
like a couple drowned rat their own rats
I do yeah I made it all the way down
Greg’s checking the bushes here
berries are small not right not even
close to be the middle of August at
least yeah maybe it’s all that rain this
year slowed everything up no sunshine no
growth no beautiful blueberries my
leaves the rain quit yeah yeah it’s
looking good looking real nice up there
hmm strawberry
hey well how’d you beat me back to camp
wow you got busy doing different angles
and shooting this and make coffee so you
got coffee when you’re finished all your
filming if we’d only found just one we
would have like you know vindicated
ourselves for the whole or maybe not
yeah one berry is for all it was a four
four point eight five all the way around
oh that’s like five miles yeah yeah well
we might have walked a quarter-mile
before we left camp I think when I
looked at the watch so four and a half
miles something like that no I know it
would be funny if like you get one
blueberry you get the knives out cut it
you very carefully split it for you yeah
yeah we haven’t gotten enough Sun so why
should they start working on the
man I’m telling you you just have like
no luck with this weather it’s so much
just getting ready to do something build
something it just comes in and starts
doing it sprinkle thing the heck
and I used to work in a boat here over
the guys they said uh who knows you ask
him something who knows and he’s not
telling I swear he must have known
something this guy you like you like as
many times you asked me never knew
anything it’s like oh my goodness how do
you even hold down your job here if you
don’t know if only who knows everything
and you don’t know yeah and then he also
said don’t get dirty before 9:30 and
nothing new after 2:00 that’s company
policy yeah yeah he was a real Union guy
oh yeah is a painter boat painters
that’s uh I’m very sure that’s kind of
their thing well not what eat eat and
chess eat and chefs eating chess all
right well we’re gonna have to play
chess again we have no choice man thing
is so difficult eating and playing chess
I don’t know yeah I don’t know if we’re
gonna make it the last couple days yeah
it’s good since fish seems to be our
staple foods good that’s not just always
the way like every every show every
survival thing it’s like fish is the
most prevalent thing it’s a staple I
mean it seems to I think it’s the
biggest staple on earth
I think so I believe it is with the
Chinese and Japanese and worldwide I
think it’s the biggest staple food yep
it seems to me I read something about
that not right I think fish is a hit a
race yeah oh really
mhm because you think every country in
the world eats fish right you wanna be
lighter I can be blocked
I don’t want it black you know I always
was a black sheep
using every time we go to play chess the
smoke is a problem me check check check
check check
no you can’t move there let’s check oh
okay that’s me Bernal yeah it is yeah
cuz I can’t move right yeah you’re lucky
boy cuz I know that was they would had
your eye it’s like I have to I was like
I’m one move away if I can get her to
here then I can chase them around until
I got him pinned down that was it that
was yeah you were one move ahead of me
cuz I would have had your next move –
yeah exactly
it was just one move yeah wow thank you
yep four to three we’ll keep track looks
good eh oh oh yeah like always we’re
always little fish we’re getting good at
trout cookers extraordinaire we do
parties catering weddings just let us
know we’ll catch it will cook it we’ll
bring it right over to your wedding
birthday parties we do not do balloon
animals though that is off the menu
I’d love to build for my littles two
platforms like this they have their own
little thing with swinging bridges
between them and a central one that you
know we can all hang out and as a family
so they each have their own little room
well a be room a little sparrow room and
now a central one where we have a fire
pit and maybe that’s where we have the
defensive cannons and stuff some tennis
ball shooters or something I suppose
it’d get older they can have our friends
over and you know have little battles
with them now dad’s coming out shoot him
shoot him no I’m bringing a lemonade I
bring in cookies and bran peace offering
don’t shoot me wouldn’t this just be the
coolest little kit for I mean it’d have
to be a fortified better for like kids
railing stuff like that sound break
their necks at least a little bit safer
maybe we had more food than any other
challenge with the season for that I did
with Chris in Canada the wood of
beardsman and it we got a bear we ate
well we had these epic adventures but we
you always lose weight you know always
lose weight well it’s not about that is
it it’s about the adventure and what you
get up to and and what you get to see
when you’re out in the woods and what
you get to build and what you get to do
and experiencing the beauty of the
outdoors and God’s creation of course
not all days can be unicorns and
rainbows awful lot of brains in this one
this time and only one rainbow I only
cut the like tail end of it I managed to
film just for two seconds so I was like
ah yeah like dissolve so sometimes it’s
just a decision to get up go on keep
going forward putting one foot into the
next my mom told me once just do the
next thing do the next thing you don’t
have to do it all you don’t have to
accomplish everything
you just have to do the next thing if
that’s get water you get a drink of
you need something to eat you you figure
it out you think about it you figure it
out you go get some food you do the next
thing same thing in the world of work
world you know you go to your job it in
the morning
you know don’t look at your phone play
around with it you’re there for if
they’re to be at work you’re getting
paid unless you’re watching one of my
youtube videos in your cubicle cuz your
job really stinks then that’s okay but
other than that you could you’re there
you do what do you have to do today what
do you have to do for your boss where
they want you to do just do the next
thing you don’t have to accomplish the
whole day’s worth of work just the next
thing oh that’s awesome
ohh correctly and yummy now just think
of this one here because it’s sturdy
good little strawberries we must eat
like 50 strawberries but they probably
don’t amount to more than like the size
of your thumb like if they’re all piled
up hungry big no so do you want to chop
this now so that it falls that way sure
there we go I bring it down to the
ground spring you I end up that’s not
bad right
no I don’t think all right Cotter yep
well that’s good enough yeah yeah that’s
a big D calling it an early night are
both pretty beat after the hike getting
everything else been the busy boy
goodnight Greg good night
there’s an easy one-handed I mean it’s
not that hard it’s just slow and steady
consistent and I’m home
because who wouldn’t want to rush their
teeth with a lemon drop
it sounds sarcastic but seriously it’s
awesome I don’t know why I ever used
that minty disgusting stuff my whole
life and it tastes so gross on your
teeth this is like it was clean and
lemony lemony flare lemony fresh so good
to be in so cozy I’m starting to
sprinkle again these hammocks just what
a boon to be so comfortable and to sleep
so well and to be so cozy at night is
such a respite have such a respite from
everything we’re doing but I don’t know
but turn I think of what to name today’s
episode since it was such a non
climactic we didn’t really finish
anything accomplished anything it’s like
almost like calling it nothing ventured
nothing gained
literally nothing no we did gain
something we gained the knowledge of
that there is no blueberries down there
and as GI Joe says knowing is half the
battle so we’re halfway there and then
some but I’ll probably gonna call it do
the next thing because it’s a little bit
more about that than it is anything
because it’s even the venture to find
out if you’re gonna gain you got to do
the next thing otherwise you’re never
gonna accomplish anything so I’m gonna
go to bed tomorrow should be awesome
I can’t wait to build my drawbridge Greg
and I are talking about dividing up he’s
probably gonna go down and go fishing
and I’m gonna finish building the
and doing some more lashing to finish up
your stuff around camp here so I can
leave it is awesome looking as possible
when we’re all done then I got some
other ideas like maybe building a crow’s
nest so we can get a peek and see if the
Bears out there each day a little bit
better and maybe some gopher hunting
with a slingshot and more efficient and
more little adventures in between each
time and just having fun filming it the
way I do and turn it into cool stuff
when it comes time to edit I can’t wait
for that part of it I love doing the
edits and doing the fun stuff I hope you
guys enjoy that and thanks for watching
I will see you in the next one foul
they’re out

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Survival Gear Tools Where Can I Buy

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    Sorry for it taking so long turned out to just be a bad clip that was crashing my editing software and when i deleted it everything worked fine. One bad apple and all that. Its crazy appel couldn't help me. only Managed to find it after 4 days of trying stuff and finally seeing one clip out of 5 hours of footage that had a spot where it would go gray and then final cut would freeze up and i would have to force quit and re open it. So this one is out tonight and then ill post day 26 on sunday afternoon.

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  4. The closer to the ground (surface over which the fluid (air) is flowing) the slower the velocity of the fluid. At the limit, the ground, the velocity is zero. The trees break approximately 2/3 the way up to the top because the upper part is branched and has a higher drag factor. The resultant force is applied at the center of gravity of the velocity diagram. So, unless you are unlucky enough to be directly under a broken tree upper trunk as it falls, you are probably much safer on the ground than up in the trees. Remember, when you start 25' up, the only way to go is down, and it's not really the fall that hurts but that really sudden stop at the bottom.

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