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All right, welcome to Ask
EJ, episode number 24.
All right, cool.
Let’s do three questions.
Hit it.
All right.
Mike out of Six
Falls, South Dakota–
Six, is it?
How do you pronounce that?
Sioux Falls?
Is that S-I-O-U-X,
is that Sioux Falls?
Holy crap, do they not even–
they don’t even go over
vocabulary words in California.
Dude, if it was in Spanish,
I got it, no problem.
Come on, fish taco, let’s go.
All right.
Mike asks EJ, What light
is on your EDC pistol?
Right now it is
the Surefire XC1.
That is what’s on
there right now.
Would you like me
to elaborate on it?
That’s what I’m running, XC1,
and we’ll see how it goes.
I mean, it’s the lowest profile
that’s out there right now.
The one issue that
I have with it,
well, first of all, it can be
a little tedious to get on.
But the issue that I have
is on the ergonomics.
Like on a TLR-1, your trigger
finger can actuate the– well,
I’m not an engineer, but the
lever, I guess, up and down.
So I think it’s down
is all the way on,
or– anyway, one of those is–
I think up is momentary on,
and if you do it twice then
the strobe dealio comes on.
And then one way is always on.
I have to have it in my
hand to know for sure.
Anyway, it’s all done
with that finger.
Course, it’s ambi, so you can
do it with the other finger
if you needed to.
The thing about the XC1
is you get your momentary
on with the finger,
but then it’s
a push button on the
right handed shooters,
on your support hand, you know,
the hand that doesn’t work,
side that you have to
actually push across.
There’s a crossbar switch on it.
And so it’s going to take
some conscious thought for me
right now, in my training, to
get the constant on to come on,
because I’m going to have to
remember to do it with my thumb
to push the bar, because
I am so used to doing
both with the trigger finger.
So that’s the only thing.
It could be the greatest
thing since sliced bread
and I’ve got training scars, but
right now, that’s what I see,
as having to remember to
push it with this thumb.
But as far as
profile, it’s good.
It’s really no
wider than the slide
and it’s got a 200-lumen LED
light on it, so we’ll see.
The jury is still out.
I need to run it in
some force on force
as well as continue to shoot it.
And let’s see.
So far so good, you know.
It’s kind of like,
how’s your woman?
Well, she looks good
on the first date,
but I’m not married to her yet.
Let’s see what happens when
the date face comes off.
Does she fart in bed or not?
Then you know you got a keeper.
Oh yeah.
All right, let’s go.
I took that one way out.
It’s on you.
Number two comes from Jason
out of Dupo, Illinois.
D-U-P-O. can’t mess that one up.
We’ll find out.
If AR-type rifles
were to get banned,
do you think the parts to
complete strip blowers would
also be banned?
I doubt it.
I mean, there is no limit to
what the Communist Party–
I mean the Democratic
Party will do to firearms.
However, as it stands right
now, if I was Nostradamus,
then my quatrain
would read, they
would probably just ban the
rifles themselves, or things
That looked like a rifle or
things have parts from a rifle.
But the actual selling of
said trigger or spring,
not say it’s impossible,
but I don’t see it
in the near future.
But I don’t know.
It’s like, in order to get
the real answer for that,
you’d probably need to go some
dirty old single-wide trailer
home with a palm reading
neon sign outside of it
and see what that lady says
for $450 and your identity.
I kind of doubt it right now,
but I wouldn’t put anything
past them.
They’re probably watching
this video right now going,
that’s a great idea.
But I don’t see it
in the near future.
So when you say your
prayers tonight,
whether you like
Trump or not, pray
that he wins so that the
demise of liberty is just slow.
It’s not coming tomorrow.
It’s not imminent,
if Killary wins.
Lesser of two evils.
All right.
All right.
Number three comes from Tim
out of Columbia, Tennessee.
Oh, a Tennessee boy.
I wonder if he’s
a [INAUDIBLE] fan.
I don’t know.
Maybe he’ll write
in and find out.
Given your recommendation for
using a rifle caliber for home
defense, should you choose to
shoulder something in defense
inside the home,
what do you recommend
for hearing protection noise
mitigation when a suppressor is
not available, strategies for
staging hearing protection?
Electronic hearing protection.
Get good electronic
hearing protection.
Like if you’re going to spend
some money, spend it on that.
There are several
really good companies
that make really
good ear pro and then
just put it on your rifle.
Hang it on your rifle.
Like for me, my shotgun has
electronic hearing pro hanging
on it, so that you just
put it on, flip the switch,
and you rock and roll.
I know what I’ll do.
I’ll take a picture of it and
put it on Snapchat tonight.
When I go home, I’ll
take a little pic pic,
and you can see how I’ve got
mine set u So I’ll do that.
But yeah, dude, you just
got to put it on the rifle.
However you’re going to do it.
I mean, if you’re going
to put it in the safe,
you know, or you’ve
got a staging area,
you get a little
shelf made up for it,
you got a little
pillow it sleeps on,
whatever, however you got
it– the ear pro needs
to be right by it, on
it, just laying on it,
so that you can access it.
That’s the only
way you’re really
going to get it when it
hits the fan, is it’s right
there in front of your face.
And then being electronic,
obviously you can hear.
Now, that doesn’t mean
everybody else in your house
is going to be able to hear,
because you said you don’t have
a suppressor on it or
suppressor’s not available,
so it’s going to be a
little loud to the point
where you’re going to have to
use some hand and arm signals.
Like you, stay, you, come
to me, you, get down.
Very basic.
You don’t have to go
all Jason Bourne on it.
Or like that old Vietnam
movie, Tour of Duty,
did you ever see that?
The TV show Tour of Duty?
That’s a good movie–
a good TV show.
I like that.
That’s back when they
made really good TV shows.
And Kit, Night Rider.
You ever see that?
I know Night Rider.
What about Fox and Fox?
That’s an old detective–
Dad and son?
You ever watch Burn Notice?
I just binge-watched season 12.
It’s awesome.
It was great.
It’s cheesy, but it’s funny.
I like it.
It’s good stuff.
Everything you want to
know about being a spy.
Plus that chick’s super hot.
And she can change accents.
Oh, yeah.
Oh my god.
I never thought of an
Irish accent like that
until– oh, that could work.
Only in South Beach.
what’s your Irish
accent sound like?
That’s horrible.
Don’t do that any more.
Send her some classes.
All right, was that three?
That’s three.
Well, goo.
Those were some good questions.
Keep sending them in, and we’ll
see if we can get to them.
I like the ones that you
say, here’s a question
and here’s why.
Not just do you like
this or do you like that.
Very generalized, you know?
What if I’m doing this and that
happens, and blah blah blah.
Here’s what I got,
here’s why I’m asking it,
and here’s what I’m looking
for, what type of answer
I’m looking for.
All right, good.
So check out Snapchat.
We’ve had so many people start
following us on Snapchat.
It’s stupid.
Absolute ridiculous.
My hippie over here posted
one of that Snapchat stuff
on YouTube.
It’s supposed to
be for Snapchat,
but he put it on YouTube, so
you can get an idea of what’s
going on over there.
You’re welcome, YouTube.
Oh man.
Yeah, did I look
mad in that video?
I could.
I think that was
just you at the end.
All right, well, good.
So continue to pass
these videos around
so we get some more subscribers.
That would be awesome.
Appreciate you guys viewing
them and commenting on them.
Some of those comments
are ridiculously funny.
It makes my day to see
some of those comments.
I enjoy it.
And then, like I say,
keep the questions coming.
Also check out the radio
show, check out our web store,
get you some 2A
support products.
If nothing else, get you a
second amendment support decal.
And if you’re a member
of the Sheepdog Society,
you’ll see it, because O just
did a shop talk out of my truck
and you can see it on my truck.
You can become a member
of the Sheepdog Society,
it’s like $0.33 a day,
less than $10 a month,
and you get everything
we’ve ever done
and all the new stuff
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We got some new stuff from
Mike Seeklander coming out,
Mike Janich is
coming out, so we’re
really excited about that.
And then don’t forget
to continue to support
what we do, man, appreciate it.
It’s nice to see you guys
following us and watching
and in your comments.
Oh, by the way.
I was going to tell you.
I had a good little
Snapchat chat,
I guess, would you call
it, a Snapchat chat,
with Nicholas in Wisconsin.
And he said that– Nicholas,
if you’re watching, what’s up,
He said he is about to graduate
from his law enforcement
degree, with his law
enforcement degree,
and he wanted to let me
know that he was strongly
considering becoming
an instructor later
on down the road.
So I’ll say this
to you, Nicholas.
Not that you asked, but I’ll
give you some words of advice.
Listen to your students.
They’ll tell you
everything you want
to know about what is
wrong and what is right.
A lot of instructors like
to get up there and talk
and it becomes more
of a monologue.
Get to know your students
and work with them
to accomplish their goals.
You may have a set
curriculum for your class,
but each person has a reason
why they’ve come to that class.
Ask, and then do a
lot of listening.
It will help you understand
who you’re working with
and how you can
help them better.
There’s my word of advice, but
welcome to the fold, good job.
We’re making a lot of now
we call them Snapchat chats,
I guess.
Messages, Snapchat messages.
That’s cool.
So I try to respond
to as many as I can.
And that’s cool.
All right.
Well, thanks for tuning in, and
we’ll see y’all next episode.
As always, stay alert
and practice often.

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  1. The commies aka Democratic Socialists wouldn't have much luck banning AR-15 & their parts, perhaps they'd have better luck attempting to ban military type ammunition & restricting quantities of crossover (.223 & .308) ammunitions.
    I think Americans are on the verge of revolting against corporate style government ruling over us akin to tax cattle owned by the British Empire.

  2. You are one of the few people to address hearing protection when it comes to a closed environment. I never would have thought it was a big deal at all until I had a fairly crazy martial arts instructor crack off a 9mm inside the dojo during a discussion on gun disarms and the total shock of a round going off indoors. Holy shit how the world changed, I not only went deaf I basically shut down for about ten seconds. Granted I didn't expect it but I doubt that would have mattered, in fact I think that was the point. I think it's a HIGHLY overlooked factor in home defense or even out on the street.

  3. Just a FYI for the followers who haven't joined Sheepdog Society. Join up . EJ is one of the good guys and we need to keep him doing what he's doing. And there is always room for improvement and we need to be the best we can be. You or some else's life may depend on it . God bless EJ and his crew

  4. My main concern with hearing protection is losing the sense of direction. If you don't have the built in mic you won't hear anything and if you have the built in mic you lose the direction the sound is coming from.depending on the layout of your house it might be a nobrainer. Just a thought. Love this channel. "Fish taco" lmao

  5. Not gonna lie, Iļø watch every video hoping the Cali hippie screws up on a city name and EJ gets frustrated lmao