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my truck broke down just over the hill on
an old logging trail, im out doing a little
bit of four wheeling. I got no cell signal
and no one else with me so I guess I am going
to have to hoof it out and see if I can catch
a ride or something like that. It is a good
thing I got my Get Home Bag.
Hey everybody this is JJ. Today what I want
to talk with you about is a Get Home Bag.
The concept of a Get Home bag and what a Get
Home Bag is supposed to be.
I have seen a lot of different Get Home Bag
videos people have a wide variety of way of
packing them and a wide variety of contents.
And that is totally cool A Get Home Bag should
be something that you pack that is going to
work for you and your situation.
The overall concept of the Get Home Bag is
a bag that you can carry with you that if
for whatever reason you had to separate from
your vehicle you could have the bag with you
to help meet your needs.
Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that you
are going to have to hike out through the
backwoods. It could just be that you are going
to separate from your vehicle and you are
going to hitch a ride with someone. Maybe
your car just breaks down. But you want to
have some additional personal protection and
easy access to a firearm or pepper spray or
a baton or something like that.
Or maybe you do have to go by foot and maybe
for whatever reason if there was a natural
disaster and you were cut off from your house
or whatever and the only way you can get back
to a safe place was to go by foot then you
could take your Get Home bag with you.
It is sort of a Survival Kit, but really the
intent of it and the items that you pack in
it are going to facilitate you to get back
to your house.
And there are some unique things about packing
a get home bag because you have got to take
into consideration that you want it to be
light and you want to be able to move quickly
with it. I recommend that you keep it under
20 lbs at the most and that is if you are
carrying a lot of stuff.
If you can get it closer to 10 or 12 lbs that
would be the best way to go. However there
are considerations for your personal situation.
so for an example I rarely ever get more than
100 miles from my house, but I am frequently
more than 50 miles from my house. Probably
on average you are going to be able to travel
3 or 4 miles per hour on foot. So 12 hours
of walking gets you about 36 miles.
So you can kind of use that for a gauge of
what kind of items you would need in your
Get Home bag.
If you are going to be more than 36 miles
from your house where you might need to stay
the night or you may need to stop and rest
then maybe you are going to need some shelter
items, Like I have back here or an emergency
blanket or a hammock.
So that i could lay these items out and take
a rest if I needed to. Or even stay the night
if the weather was bad or whatever the case
may be. But if you are a person who hardly
ever goes 10 miles from your house then the
items that you are going to pack in your Get
Home bag are going to be considerably different
from what I would have in my Get Home Bag.
If you live in the city it is going to be
a lot different that someone who lives more
in a rural area. So it really just kind of
depends on your particular situation. But
there are certain concepts that you want to
keep in mind.
Communication, if you have a family communication
plan and that entails coming up on a CB radio
or another type of GRS radios or a MURS radio
or something along those lines, then you should
have those with you so that you can follow
your communication plan and talk with your
Obviously the basics like water purification,
fire starting devices, shelter. Those should
all be in there but you need to make sure
that you have other types of items that will
be important to you. Like if you wear dress
clothes you may want to have a different kind
of footwear or something like that.
It is really kind of a personal thing. But
the point is that you want to have a Get Home
Bag that is going to help facilitate you to
get fro where ever you are back to your home
as quickly as possible.
That is the idea behind the Get Home Bag and
I will go through a complete breakdown of
all of the items that I keep in My Get Home
bag in a separate video and I will link that
in an annotation and it will be kind of a
tabletop review of all of things that are
in my Get Home Bag.
I will also do a review of the bag itself
which is the Maxpediation Versipack Mongo,
it is an excellent bag. And I will do a full
complete review of that as well.
So anyway guys that is kind of my quick explanation
of what a Get Home Bag is and what it is intended
to be used for. It is really going to vary
quite widely if you are a person that is far
from your house you may need to put more things
in there. If you live closer then there might
be less. But there are a few essentials. Self
Defense, your basic food and water, clothing
for inclement weather, maybe a rain jacket
and these kinds of things. There are some
of those things that will kind of be universal
but the individual parts will be up to you.
Anyhow guys that is just my opinion on what
a Get Home Bag should be used for and the
concept of how it should be used and how you
should go about developing it for your own
personal situation.
No one sizes fits all it is really kind of
depends on you and what you need. Thanks for
watching! If you found this useful then please
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Thanks a bunch guys we will see you shortly
in another video soon!
Stay safe.
Get Home heck with getting home I might just
stay here for a while. I think I am going
to have a little nap.

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