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  1. Nice light. Think I might need one .Where did you purchase? I purchased that coleman peak1 now called the colman max.Works very well.I mostly use all military surplus.

  2. Update-It appears this flashlight is no longer avalable.The company has gone out of bussiness due to patent infringment.Many places I called pulled the light from sale. Surefire has asked the courts to stop all sales.

  3. Yeah, SureFire sued the company out of buisness. It's not as though PL was even found guilty of patent infringment. SureFire asked the judge to grant their injuction. Despite not even having been found guilty of anything, the judge granted it! PL couldn't sell any of their lights until the suit was settled or decided. Unable to pay attorney fees with no new income coming in, PL was forced out of business.

    Why make better products when you can just sue your competition out of business?

  4. Just got me a Pentagon tactical flashlight at goodwill for two bucks, checked it all out with the OHM meter, it looks like it takes (3) three volt battery's?

  5. I have several Pentagon X3 flashlights that are built like a tank and I would like to upgrade it to the high output LED bulbs assy. However, Pentagon has gone out of business. Any idea what bulb and from where I could find the upgrade? Thank for your help.