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  1. Thanks bro, I don't have a bug net. I coat my stuff in Permethrin, Although if it gets bad I may get a bug net, we'll see. Thanks for watching

  2. Nice vid Mike! I really like that pack. I wanna do some hiking in the summer and looking for a nice pack. Thanks bro!

  3. Nice vid! I like that fob you store your matches in and Googled "maxcap XL fob" and came up with zip. Helpful links or search words would be appreciated. Thanks. 🙂

  4. Right on with the gear. Going to make a new video soon with all my recently acquired hiking gear.

  5. I like your set up.  Looks like your not afraid to spend some money.  Have you gone on the AT yet?  If you have, would you still carry 43lbs of gear?  I don't know anything about trekking poles, but I swear by the Black Diamond backpacks.  I live in the Northwest, and it gets really wet here too.  Black Diamond makes some awesome waterproof Alpine packs that you should look into.  Then you can leave the some of your other waterproof stuff behind.  But its nice to see that someone else has to prep for the shitty weather all the time….lol.  Nice vid, its not too long if its informational.  🙂

  6. For winter polypro is nice and warm.  For IED's some troops like silk and like cotton may be biodegradable and make the doctors work at the MASH units easier.  For cold winter camping not sharring my bag with anyone; though igloos are warmer and friendly…  Keep up the good work and remember the "The Ten Essentials".

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