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  1. great explanation, but you put the twigs right I view of what you were doing. kinda defeated the video for me

  2. My favorite so far is to melt some wax and dip first some kitchen twine in it and then some pine cones.
    Magnesium shavings first,
    then a 1 inch piece of twine and last a one inch piece of pine cone.
    I started 4 fires with one piece of pine cone and then decided to see how much longer it would burn.
    About 20 minutes.

  3. I live in the Olympic area of the PNW. VERY WET. I've tried magnesium and abandoned it because it didn't work. I see now that I was using it the wrong way; tinder here is wet from November to May. I need to scrape more of the magnesium into the initial pile. And dry the tinder with any failed attempts at starting the fire. I look forward to practicing the new skills you've demonstrated. I had thought the magnesium so hot that it didn't take much, but now I see that even in dry conditions it takes more than I was using in really wet conditions. I was using the tool incorrectly. Thanks for the video.

  4. With that pile of Mg, you should have just used a few twigs, and once they caught, added more slowly…. A for 'effort' but at 5:31 I'm giving you a 'C-' grade… Try shooting from a different technique (cinamatography tip!). Your long winded intro almost lost me too.

  5. I have several standard ferro rods that came with my Schrader Knife and Hatchet (x2)- I also have a ferro rod from UST that came with a knife and their 'Paratinder'- I think it is the 2.0 kit. So that is 3 firesteels. I keep a small firesteel on my keys from my 'Cub Scout' days emblazoned with a Weblos sign. I carry jute and about 30 feet of the UST paratinder with 2 tried and tested HF Mag bars. I sometimes carry a lighter… The firetinder is great but it's also good Paracord and that is it's primary use…. I carry an added 50 ft. of standard 550 paracord as well