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What’s up guys the [flyer] tech here and today?
I’m going to show you a couple of things you [could] pick up at the dollar [store] for when you go [camping] as you can
See we went to two different dollar stores family dollar and Dollar tree. So let’s check out. What we got
First up we’ve got these cute little citronella Candle pals. They’re only a bokken they’ll help keep the flies away
Next [we] got a BPA-free container. This is going to be great for things like milk and eggs
Orange juice any way to slip things down or make more room when camping is always a valuable tool
Toothbrushes, [I] know this might sound
Mundane, I’m sure you have your [own] toothbrush
But do you really want to stuff your toothbrush into a filthy knapsack take it throughout camping for maybe a couple days or a week
Have that thing in the dirt all over the place of course not so grab yourself a couple of disposable
Toothbrushes you could chuck them out at the end of the camping trip
Batteries now, I’m not a fan of the cheaper batteries however these [sell] batteries are super expensive [a] lot of the stuff
I use like my lanterns or my battery-operated fan required D size batteries, and I don’t want to spend a fortune
So these do the trick
Zip ties there’s going to be a million one uses that you can make up for these. I’m sure from holding down tarp to
Hanging things to keep them wires together to keep in line together Etc
But for a dollar [I] figure it’s [worth] to grab
Vinyl gloves how many times have you been out there camping you have to go clean your pots, or you got to crack eggs?
or you got to do something that just
Requires your hands to get dirty and you know that sometimes you don’t always have a running source of water to clean your hands
Vinyl gloves from the Dollar Store is the way to go [$1.00] for eight pairs
[led] headlamp, [I] think this thing was like three bucks, but you know what it’s worth every penny
I hate when I’m camping at night
And I’m looking around for stuff in the dark, and I got to hold a flashlight with one hand
But you know what this you can put this on your head you can put this on a gallon jug filled with water and it
Will create a light you could hang this because it has its own strap and it comes with its own batteries
[I] liked it so much. I [bought] two
Little containers, [I] love these little containers that’s now closed. You can put a whole variety of things in here
[so] they don’t get jostled around or lost yeah. I know it has this on it, but you know what for a buck
I’ll take it [fries] packs these things are awesome. Let me tell you they stay frozen for a long time
They don’t water down [your] food
They keep things cold
And you could refreeze them and reuse them over and over and for a dollar
You’d have to be [crazy] not to get at least two
[all-purpose] twine this goes without saying but you’re going to need twine when you’re out there camping holding up tarps setting up tents
keeping things safe from the wind and
The list goes on and on for a couple of dollars you get yourself some all-purpose twine you’re good to go
Clothes pins this goes along with the twine, but if you’re hanging clothes, you’re gonna need clothes pins and for a buck
They’re worth it now. I did get the normal stuff like plates cutlery balls aluminum. Foil there as well
I think this stuff goes without mentioning even though I mentioned it well guys that’s my camping Dollar store Haul
Hope this [helped] some of you if it did please thumbs up leave comments below. Thank you and happy camping

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Survival Gear Unboxing How To Shop

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  1. Great vid, But in the background, I can hear your fire alarm beeping for new batteries. I was freaking me out because I don't like that noise, but your vid was so good, I had to keep watching! 🙂

  2. the batteries they have at the dollar store/tree usually don't last long or are duds but I love the vid it is really nice and helpful 🙂

  3. Thanks for mentioning which Dollar Stores you went to. On another channel the up-loader showed in the preview a specific item I was interested in saying it came from a "Dollar Store"… Figured out by reading thru the comments the "Dollar Store" I guess is a chain that sells only in Canada.. So that was wasted time since I'm not in Canada.
    (People forget Youtube is a worldwide audience. )

  4. Don't get aluminum foil at the dollar store. Spend the extra $.50 and get the good stuff at the supermarket. You'll thank me when the foil doesn't rip.