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is crisis the new normal how to deal with crisis set new prepping goals prepping for uncertain future pandemic 2020
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I’m out at my Granny Camp which is my Alaska remote
off-grid cabin and what I’ve been
thinking about today is crisis is it the
new normal we’ve gone through so many things in the
last few months covid 19 coronavirus lockdowns quarantine stay at
home orders economic shutdowns collapse perhaps you’ve had to work
from home your children have had to stay
home from school maybe you’ve even had a job loss or a temporary layoff it all
leads to cash crunches uncertain futures
and things that were just uncomfortable
with we don’t know what does the future
hold we’ve been doing these things that
have been asked of us for months people
are bored they’re tired of it and we’re
uncertain what does the future hold some
of the states that have opened back up
are now closing things down again cases
are spreading what is the new normal
we’ve had protests civil unrest riots
and people shamed for wanting to go to
church our society seems to be turning
upside down crisis is becoming the new
normal we have to figure out what can we
do next how can we make this all feel
normal again
be willing to accept change put your
mind into the thought process of
creative problem-solving it is what it
is how can I make the best of the
situation that’s around me now we need
to gather accurate information and then
we need to harvest the good ideas out of
all of the information that’s flowing in
it’s up to us to decide what is best for
me and my family how can I stay safe
what can I do to make my home
comfortable make my family feel safe and
to make sure that we have the things we
need and we’re prepared to face an
ever-changing future I think it’s a
great time to rethink your prepping
plans your strategies your supplies
think about what are the key supplies
that you need look over the last few
months what emergency stockpile prepper pantry survival gear item did you wish you had during covid 19 coronavirus
that you
didn’t have enough of what did you not
have it all and what was it impossible
to replenish food cleaning supplies when the stocks ran out the stores were clogged when the shelves
were bare I know for myself I wish that
I’d had far more hand sanitizer and face
masks I wish I’d had more variety in my
food storage stockpile look over your
supplies decide what are the key
supplies that you have what do you need
to have more of and how can you make a
plan to resupply in stockpile the things
that you maybe have decided you need
more of where you never had or are
finally available again to resupply your
stockpile with job losses work from home
layoffs and uncertainty in our economy
you need to think about what is your
actual cash flow
what are your critical expenses list
your critical payments those that you
must make and try to figure out where
you can cut back so you can conserve
your dollars try to eliminate excesses
in your lifestyle in your budget in your
day-to-day habits and if money is still
in short supply Crisis The New Normal – How To Deal With It – Set New Prepping Goals –
What To Do Now is there something around your home or
something that you own that you could
convert into cash things that you could
sell make sure that you’re making the
most of your stimulus check of your
unemployment benefits any government
loans or grants that you may qualify for
look over the tax structure that you
have in case you’re withholding amounts
should be changed the actions you take
now can help you face the new normal and
thrive during times of change strategize
your actions gather food and supplies
learn to use the supplies that you have
and rotate your food and replace it so
that you will always continue to have
enough fresh food on hand rethink your
goals maybe you need to realign your
goals with the new normal everyone
should have short-term goals which are
daily weekly monthly and even up to six
months plans that you have in place
things you want to achieve and then you
need long-term goals things that might
near two years five years or longer
maybe you need to set new goals make
sure they’re simple measurable and
attainable goals can be as simple as
stock up on water stock up on food learn
to start fires learn to cook outdoors
learn to build shelters stock up on
camping gear
stock up on sanitation supplies stock up
on first-aid supplies basic tools
candles lanterns and flashlights try one
new recipe a week from your pantry food
stockpile read an amazing book set goals
that are meaningful to you because goals
that you care about actually work mostly
don’t be discouraged we all have
setbacks what’s important is that you
get back up as soon as possible and get
going again keep your momentum going the
faster you get back at working on your
goals the easier it is next time when
you have a difficulty to get going again
check what’s going on around you pay
attention to the things in your
neighborhood your community your state
your country pay attention to the things
that are going on around the world if
there’s one thing the coronavirus taught
us is that the whole world is
interconnected and can be affected
dramatically in just a matter of days it
may be a challenge to take this crisis
as the new normal but we have to deal
with the reality of what’s really going
on in the world around us it just makes
sense to be a prepper then no matter
what comes along you’ll be able to face
it to the best of your ability if you
enjoyed my video I hope you’ll share it
with someone else you think might like
it learn more at and
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Survival Gear Unboxing Where Can We Buy

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  1. If the new normal is Americans want to be slaves then all of that is good advice. The virus last less than a minute 30 seconds in direct sunlight. Start taking vitamin D3 and zinc. Boost your own immune system and don't rely Bill Gates stupid vaccines that will do nothing. Stop wearing the dumb masks already unless you want to get hypoxia or hypercapnia. Don't be cowards Americans covid 19 is a hoax. Blown way out of proportion by the media that wants you to be afraid so you will give up your rights.

  2. No matter what one's age, gender, income, or location, you are the most versatile "life" coach! Always good, practical advice – thanks, AG.

  3. Thanks, Granny. Great tips all around. Lots of things to think about. Middle ager here, returning to tent camping after way too long of a break. Love the sounds of those zippers up and down, like on sleeping bags. Very outdoorsy. Anyway, I appreciate you reminding us of everything going on…at the same time!!! Perfect storm could hit right around… after Election Day. Good thing I found a new hobby while staying safe at home: buying new camping stuff.

  4. Thankyou Alaska Granny.
    As I previously said, when everyone else is becoming complacent, I have been replenishing and adding to my preps.
    I recently bought a solar-powered device charger, and restocked my first aid supplies.
    In Melbourne, a sudden spike in cases saw entire suburbs and apartment complexes being shut down completely, with no access to food deliveries.The current science is suggesting that the virus is airborne now. That means anyone, and everyone, could be quarantined without prior notice.
    Stay safe and prepared, people.

  5. There has been more peaceful protests than riots and looting. These protests were needed. Police cannot continue killing Black people. Change is coming. There were a few bad apples doing the looting and leading the riots. Other than that there was peaceful protests all over the country. It was amazing. So don’t downplay and try to scare people about The looters. Yes, we should be concerned about the future and we should prep and we Should have goals.

  6. Please keep yourself safe from the people who refuse to wear a face mask and who are the main cause of the growing spread of covid-19 in the U.S. Just stay at home and keep clear of anyone who does not live in your home. If you absolutely must leave your home for an essential job or an essential errand then wear a real N-95 mask plus eye protection. We know this virus enters the body through unprotected mouth, nose or eyes. A cotton face mask only works if EVERYONE within shouting distance is also wearing a face mask properly. Because there are so many people out in public in the U.S. who refuse to wear a face mask or are wearing one improperly where their mouth or nose is not covered, you really should be wearing an N-95 mask and some form of eye protection (face shield or googles) when you go out in public. Look at how medical staff protect themselves from people they know to be infected. They choose to wear N-95 masks and eye protection and you are safest if you also do so when out in public where the covid-19 virus is running rampant. Good luck and please stay safe.

  7. One of the most interesting things that was in short supply in the early stages of Covid-19, and has really only just started to get back to normal supplies, was quite a lot of cat food and cat litter. I was lucky because I buy bulk online, so had a good stockpile, but l know of a couple of other people who were struggling to get the food and cat litter they normally bought.

    I don't know how other animal products were affected, but I would imagine the supply chain was disrupted for all animals at one point or another.

    With that in mind, I have updated the amount of animal care items I buy each month, so not only do I now have a good supply of food, but I've got a better stockpile of de-flea and de-wormer medications. I had a small medical stockpile before, but it wasn't as long lasting as the food and cat litter, so I decided it needed to have equal priority.