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  1. rather than disassemble the whole stock why not spray some gun scrubber in the action to clean powder residue the use a bore snake through the muzzle afew well placed drops of lube with an extension tube on the bottle and your ready to rock thats what I do with mine works great and only takes a few minutes. solves the problem of having to do a full teardown when your taking it ut for long periods of time and using dirty ammo.

  2. Thats so cool but if i were to purchase one in California do i need some sort of mag lock ?

  3. It kind of works. I installed this. 10 round magazine is buried deep in the gun, doesn't drop free so removal is a nightmare. 15 round and 30 round magazines work but are hard to line up inside, you spend a lot of time fumbling to get it to lock in. Getting it out requires wiggling and pulling. The trigger is terribly heavy…pull.. pull some more…pull harder..grunt…….bang? it takes about 30 minutes to take apart to clean it and you will lose one or two of the dozen screws in the process. It is appallingly heavy. It shortens the gun, kind of. You have to use the 18" barrel version to meet OAL requirements, the 16" tactical version is illegal. No sights on it.. you have to remove any red dot or scope to take it apart and clean it as the rail is split down the center. Needs to be rezeroed every time you clean it. It looks cool. I will probably return my 10-22 to it's original form which works better and is lighter.