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– What up world, it’s me Brizzy,
and you probably have
seen videos on YouTube
that are like, “What’s in my purse?
What’s in my bag?”
And I was like, “Oh,
hmph, that seems fun,”
and then I look at my purse and I’m like,
“Oh, it’s my phone, and some cards,
and maybe some receipts.”
That’s not an interesting video.
What could be interesting is if instead
I do a What’s In My Zombie Bag video.
Now I wanna start off
this video by warning you
that I am not a survival expert.
I did some research to find out
what were some good items to have
in a bug out bag and I
got them and arranged them
in this nice beautiful bag.
Just don’t try to take
this video to seriously.
I know the chances of a zombie apocalypse
are one in five gajillion trillion but
it’s a fun excuse to make a survival bag.
And this is an important
thing to have in your house
in my opinion, you never know is just,
that’s all I’ve gotta say, you never know.
So first of all on the outside,
probably the first thing
you see, is this little
knuckle, switchblade thing. (laughs)
Punch a zombie, stab’em in the head, dead.
Next thing you see clipped on here
is this little mini
flashlight, just go boop!
It’s pretty bright, pretty bright.
Yep, sorry ’bout your eyeballs.
Some Tinder-Quik Fire Tabs,
all weather fire starter.
Lights even when wet.
We’ve also got some
waterproof matches up in here.
Water proof! Right, magic.
Also in here for easy
fire starting ability
we’ve got a couple of BIC lighters
so we can just go shweek!
What we also have in this little pocket
is a Gerber multi-tool, shwonk!
So this is like a pocket
knife on steroids basically.
It’s got pliers, and then
like scissors, and knives,
and wrenches, and screwdrivers.
So many things that I can’t
even begin to get into it
but just trust me it does a lot of magic.
We’ve got Clif bars!
So many Clif bars, oh my gosh.
We’ve got oatmeal raisin,
walnut, crunchy peanut butter,
macadamia nut, crunchy peanut butter.
Did I already say that? I don’t care.
We’ve got all flavors.
This won’t last you
forever but for that reason
we have emergency food!
Here is a separate bag that
I have that’s kind of like
a fanny pack sorta
thing and inside of this
Survival Kit many pouches
of emergency drinking water,
an emergency whistle,
some cleansing towelettes,
a little mini baby first aid
with all the little basics
like band-aids, and
alcohol wipes, and stuff.
Lil’ cute lil first aid kit.
An AM, FM radio with batteries included,
a hand-crank flashlight,
no batteries necessary,
and 2,400 calories of
emergency food in brick form.
Apparently this stuff
does not taste awesome
but, you know what, in an
emergency this’ll last you
two more days.
I usta have a bunch of awesome
beef jerky in there too
but I think I ate it.
(laughs) ‘Cause it’s not there.
A survival saw, shink,
shink, shink, shink, shink.
And you can cut through pretty large limbs
as far as I know.
A knife sharpener, important,
and this cool little survival
whistle necklace thing.
Compass, and a flashlight of some kind.
It’s not super bright compared
to the other ones I’ve got
and it’s got like an emergency
signal mirror inside.
I don’t really know how to use that
but maybe someone I’m with
will know how to use that.
In here we have a little
bullet knife thing.
I thought it just went
with the theme of the bag.
Shwank! Baw, baw!
First in this little pocket
we’ve got SAS Survival Guide.
Has all sorts of tips on
health, and reading the signs,
and camp craft, and food,
and climate, and terrain, and essentials.
Essentials you guys.
We’ve got a cool little headlamp.
Whoo, I look like a coal miner.
We’ve got a little baggie of toiletries
and just kind of unnecessary items
that we could really ditch if
we needed to lose some weight.
In here we have a plastic spork, (laughs)
and some deodorant, mucho neccesario,
some bug repellent with SPF inside.
You don’t know in a zombie apocalypse
if mosquitoes are gonna transfer
the zombie virus around,
you don’t know.
So you don’t want
mosquitoes bitin’ up on you,
no you don’t.
Toothbrush and toothpaste,
some hand sanitizer,
and some Chap Stick.
Chap Stick, you don’t want
your lips getting chapped
and also you can use Chap
Stick to help you start fires,
fun fact.
And the last thing we have in here
is a bunch of moist towelettes.
So I have some Hoo-ahhs, which are
unscented field towels
which are apparently
pretty awesome for camping to help you
just cleanse yourself.
And also some Wet Ones
which are a nice alternative
and just not as expensive as Hoo-ahhs.
Zip it up, shh.
Right on top we’ve got First
Aid Zombie Survival Kit.
I mean it’s really just
a standard first aid kit
but it’s got like everything
you could ever want.
Next we’ve got a LifeStraw
which is pretty awesome.
It’s all bagged up so I
figured I’d keep it nice,
and fresh, and clean in here.
But basically it’s a tube
that you drink dirty water
with and it filters the
water through the straw
into your mouth, clean
water that you can drink.
Next we’ve got this little grenade thing.
It’s not actually a grenade,
I’m not that hardcore,
but it’s a little baggie
and you open it up.
(laughs) I just went
from hardcore to like,
“It’s a little baggie.”
So when open it up you’ve
got a bunch of paracord,
you’ve got another little compass,
we’ve got some alcohol wipes,
some more tinder plugs, and a little
fire-starting kit, some
fishing lines with hooks.
Next we’ve got an emergency sleeping bag.
Look how tiny this is, tiny, tiny.
And it’ll fit two people.
And if for some reason this isn’t enough
I have got so many emergency blankets.
These silver ones that retain body heat,
I’ve got so many of them
because there so cheap
and we’ve got more emergency food rations,
I totally forgot about this.
So yeah, this is two days
worth of food right here.
Again, probably not the tastiest
meal but in an emergency
you gotta do what you gotta do.
What is this?
I built this bag like
five months ago you guys,
I don’t remember what’s in here.
(gasps) It’s a telescope
or binocular, monocular,
so you can adjust it and
you can see real far away.
You never know where
the zombies are gonna be
so you wanna search, see
them before they see you.
Then here we have a weather
proof notebook, pretty cool.
It’s still all bagged up all nice and new,
I figured I’d keep it that way
but ugh, ugh, ugh.
(laughs) You can write on this in the rain
and the paper will not die basically is
the gist of that.
We have this solar/hand-crank powered
radio, flashlight, phone-charger.
Yeah, all the things.
So it’s got this like USB
so I can put this cord
that I have here, duh, dah, dah.
I can plug in the USB, plug in my phone,
sit it in the sun, and charge my phone.
Oh, and it’s also like
a weather radio too.
Let’s see I could turn on
the light right now I think.
I love the noise it makes.
(winding noises)
It sounds like a little
creature, it’s so cute.
Here’s a solar powered lantern
that’s inflatable, hold on.
Easy as pie.
Ah! Pretty freakin’ cool!
It’s got a low setting, medium setting,
and it’s also got a blinky setting.
I’m not really sure why you’d
want a blink setting but,
now how do I deflate it?
So, maybe I could just push it.
(lantern squeaks)
I don’t know how to deflate it.
I’m gonna have to figure
that out later. (laughs)
Let’s get the lights back on.
Next, on this side of the bag
we’ve got some Gorilla tape.
Do you know how many things
you can use duct tape for?
Gorilla tape’s like even stronger.
Some face masks to guard
yourself from the sickness
and there’s actually like
20 or 50 of them in here,
way too many, not necessary, but I figured
you never know how many
people you’re gonna be with
when the apocalypse strikes so
I could hand’em out, be a savior.
Also in here, we have a map of California.
Pretty important so you
know where you’re going,
so I can find some rural
area that will be much safer
than Los Angeles in a
zombie apocalypse, okay.
The rest of what is in
here is clothing related
so I will show you what sort
of garments and accesories
we’ve got here.
First we’ve got one of these babies,
pretty cool for helping
you breath through dust,
and maybe like camouflage,
or maybe you may need to
make a sling or something.
Of course, you never know what season
the zombie apocalypse will strike.
This is a relatively lightweight jacket
because I live in Los Angeles and
it never really gets cold here.
And also what’s cool about this jacket is
the sleeves zipper off, you
could turn it into a vest.
If it is winter we also
have a little camo beanie.
Ah! How cute, so cute!
Aw, look at me, I look
like a little survivor.
Goggles because you don’t want the blood
getting in your eyeballs
and you get infected.
You don’t want that happening.
And we’ve got a pretty awesome
belt here for my cargo pants,
all these pockets all the
way up and down my legs.
And last but not least
some tactical camo gloves.
There just my size too, if the glove fits.
You never know if all of
this will really be necessary
but you could always leave or drop things
you don’t need, you know.
So better safe then sorry.
And now on to what you
really came here for,
not stripping, the weapons!
First we’ve got this little dodad,
straps on to your chest
for easy shwinking,
wink, I know, right.
You guys always get really scared when
you see me with knives and I’m sure
this video is no
exception but I assure you
I am being very careful.
These knives are not toys kids.
Don’t play with sharp things
without an adult’s supervision.
This little buck hunting knife, shwing!
Next we’ve got this cool like
actually zombie themed knife.
Bam! Look at that baby.
Isn’t he beautiful?
Next are the machetes.
First we’ve got this United Cutlery,
oh this isn’t a machete, just kidding.
This is just a ginormous knife.
Next are some pretty cheapo machetes
but it never hurts to
have some more, swang!
And then another one, wank!
So we’ve got these two babies,
(machetes tap) I know, right.
I know, we’ve got the baby and the mama.
The daddy is my favorite.
This is a Condor machete and
it’s beautiful.
Very heavy duty, and
intense, and sharp, shwink.
So this one is definitely my
favorite, beautiful, beautiful.
By far the heaviest thing
I have in this kit is
the crowbar.
It’s so long, it’s like 36 inches.
Breaking into buildings to loot things,
hitting zombies from afar, pry
bars are a useful thing, man.
This, this is a heavy duty awesome one
so I love it, I love it.
And last but not least my crossbow pistol.
Oh! Chow, chow, chow!
So, I’ve never used this thing before
so you’re probably judging me right now
but that means you can join me.
I’m only pointing this at you because
it’s got nothing in it.
I promise if it were loaded I would not
point this at your pretty face
but this means you can join me
in my very first journey of
trying to shoot this thing.
Shall we?
Hey, you wanna see my
super pro target setup?
Bam! (laughs)
It’s just a bunch of pieces of cardboard,
taped together on a chair, on the wall.
Super pro target setup.
Oh God, I’m gonna break something.
(arrow taps)
Oh, oh, oh!
I missed the zombie itself
but I hit the cardboard
so I’m proud of myself,
let’s take a looksy.
Do do do.
Ah yeah, I’m pretty proud of myself
for my first time ever shooting a crossbow
but you can tell this is
not, this is not a toy, man.
Ah, I can’t even pull it out of the thing.
I’m mad ’cause I just barely
missed the zombie itself.
I need to try again, never give up.
Let’s try this again.
Three, two, one.
(arrow taps)
(cardboard thumps)
I knocked over the zombie but,
you know what, because I hit the zombie!
Yeah, let’s go look at it. (laughs)
He fell on the ground because
I shot him in the throat
which, unfortunately,
you know, would not kill
an actual zombie so I guess
in this situation I die.
I consider it a win
’cause it was dead center.
It was just a lil’ due left.
So am I prepared to survive
the zombie apocalypse
armed with only a pistol crossbow, no.
Definitely not, not yet.
But I plan on taking archery lessons,
I think that would help but that’s why
I have all the machetes, and knives,
and the frickin’ crowbar man,
you’ve gotta have your backups.
What’s your weapon of choice
in a zombie apocalypse?
Are you like a melee,
machete, crowbar kinda person
or are you with the pew,
pew guns like hardcore,
I’m not a guns person.
What’s your opinion, what’s your style
of zombie killing?
Let me know in the comments below.
That’s it guys, thanks
so much for watching.
I hope you enjoyed this
video at least a little bit
and I hope it inspired
you to build your own
survival kit whether it’s
for zombies, or earthquakes,
tornadoes, floods, anything.
It’s just a good idea
to have an emergency bag
filled with emergency food, and
water, and camping supplies,
just because you never know.
Whether you decide to
go all out like I did
with machetes or the
crossbow that’s up to you
but at least make something, I urge you.
Go, do, think, be a
boy scout, be prepared,
listen to Scar from The Lion King,
and I’ll see you next week
with a brand new video.
I love you, bye.
Next done here one another
little clip we’ve got
a nice handy, mini flashlight, woah!
Without batteries, that’s embarrassing.

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