6 thoughts to Survival Gear Up How Can I Purchase At 12:56

  1. Hello Frank great video, might want to consider a small battery self start device, some even have a built in air compressor, harbor freight and all major retailers carry them, in some places you may not have somebody else to jump you. Have a good day.

  2. What do you think about a waterproof jacket (Gore-Tex) ? I wanna add one to my kit for when I Have to get out of the car and is raining hard. Just happen to me and I got soaking wet

  3. Nice video Bro. I keep adding stuff to mine too. Just when you think you have it all set. You find something else. Like jumper cables. I don't have any in my vehicle EDC right now. I have a new truck so I didn't think of it. But you just never know when you leave something on and kill the battery. Or someone else may need a jump. Thanks. atb, Matt

  4. Great vehicle edc!!! I’ve thought about doing a video on my truck and vehicle edc. Good video🎈