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  1. great video, I love pine trees for year round, but some of the seasonal flash tenders are great to collect ahead of time

  2. cottonwood puffs, scraped, dry cottonwood bark fibers, scraped cedar/redwood/ sequoia bark fibers, crushed, dry bull rush seed heads, milkweed seed puff heads (look for monarch butterfly caterpillars eating the plant), dandelion flower puff heads, scraped dry agave, mullein, and plantain stalks, dried flowers, and leaves, dry crushed/mangled wild grass/hay stalks and seed heads in bird's nest tinder, dried crushed/mangled wild grape bark/vine in bird's nest tinder, finely crushed/ smashed conifer needles displaying fibers like toothbrush, finely crushed/mangled dried tree leaves in squirrel's nest tinder, dry crushed/mangled stinging nettle stalks, dried crushed/mangled/scraped cat tail, bull rush, and stinging nettle stalks and leaves, NO POISON OAK, POISON IVY, or POISON SUMAC STALKS OR VINES, sumac stalk and seed heads, dried mangled forest ferns, dried old corn (and broom corn) stalks and leaves (and crushed corn cob piths), dry crushed/ scraped river cane/bamboo, and sugar cane stalks, dry crushed/scraped milo (bird seed)/millet/sorghum stalks and seed heads, dried crushed/scrapedmangled small and large grain stalks and seed heads (wheat, triticale, quinoa, amaranth, lentils, peas, beans, rice, rye, buckwheat, barley, oats, pigweed amaranth, lamb's foot, thistle seed heads and dried crushed/mangled/scraped stalks and leaves, dried scraped/ crushed eucalyptus/gum tree bark and leaves, dried scraped/crushed cypress, manzanita, and juniper bark, dried crushed/mangled/scraped scotch broom (and nasty god awful thorny cousin gorsch) stalks, dried crushed/mangled heather, dried crushed/mangled domestic and wild raspberry, blackberry, and grape vines, … just some

  3. Great idea for a video. Wish someone had done this back when I was learning. We find cedar bark and shagbark around here.

  4. Dead standing Poplar saplings are great. The bark will look purple and peals off real easy. Roll it in you hands for a bit and it will become a great tinder. The is almost like Balsa and takes to flame fast too.

  5. I like using processed down cedar bark, the deer shred up so many cedars around here that the dead bark is everywhere, and there is no Burch trees. cedar bark takes off with sparks from the ferro rod really well.

  6. wish I could of got that on camera, just started a campfire with a flint and steel using the cedar we collected on a hike, he is amazed.

  7. if u don't use Charmin toilet paper like the bear commercial then the little dingle berries left behind on the behind work well as tinder in a pinch. JK!!!

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  9. In my wallet I carry the Sog 2.0 Access Card knife in a little leather homemade sheath. And I carry a little thin 3 inch fire steel in my wallet, from firesteel. com.

    And without even opening the knife, the back of the blade strikes off great sparks so I can start a fire anywhere I go.
    I also carry a credit card sized Fresnel Lens that magnifies 5x which is also great for starting fires, and I got the lens from bensbackwoods. com.

  10. 12:27– you- you need some additional dry kindling to get it going. Ya and a long knife to keep from burning your hand lol. Those cattails really take off!

  11. ok finished the vid- what about seeing if you could soak up some oil spots off of parking lots that you may run by.

  12. horse huff fungus works good but you have to scrape it up once you cut them open. Peace Pops Bushcraft