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  1. Plastic bottles for light, while the government steals all the peoples money,,,,makes sence.

  2. Let's try and SUPPORT what these resourceful people are doing that works. Not make douche-y snide cracks about what doesn't. Hey, I have nothing but admiration for proactive citizens who use what they have on hand and create solutions for real problems – darkness/less safety in their homes, and a poorly maintained electrical grid. Schoolchildren can now do homework indoors and houses are well lit, for many families. How great is that? Bravo Matayo!

  3. 1. List the issues facing the people of this Nairobi slum (not just the ones listed in the audio).

    2. What effects would having no electricity have on the people?

    3. What is Matayo's solution?

    4. How is Matayo making his city more liveable and how is he changing the lives of those around him?

  4. I searched for this video just to be inspired again and feel happy. I'm glad it's here. πŸ˜ƒ