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DIY Emergency kit in a water bottle emergency survival homemade mini kit set gear must have
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper part of planning or emergencies is making sure that you
have the supplies emergency survival situations that you need most of
us are probably not prepping for an
apocalypse or being lost in the
wilderness and needing to survive for
weeks at a time we’re trying to get
through the day-to-day activities the
simple family outings the hiking camping
trips trips to town those kind of emergency
situations where an emergency can come
up that maybe you need to make a shelter
you need to start a fire you need
something to eat or a way to hook
something down maybe you’ll encounter a
first-aid emergency or somebody is just
hungry there are all kinds of day-to-day
emergencies that we encounter and one of
the ways we can be prepared prepping for common emergencies smooth those situations out is to make simple emergency kits with things
we already have how many of you already
have a water bottle a water bottle is a
great container they’re so handy for
getting a drink but they’re also a great
way to have some emergency supplies on
hand grab an empty water bottle with a
wide mouth out of your cupboard and fill
it up with some emergency supplies it’s
easy to hook your water bottle emergency kit on a backpack stick in the
car throw in with your camping gear or
even send it out with your kids on a
hike what kind of things should you put
in your water bottle emergency survival kit well the same kind
of gear that you would put in your
bug-out bag prepping supplies or your emergency bag just on a
smaller scale now that you have your
water container you need to have
something to hold all your supplies
while you’re filling it with water the
first thing to include then is a gallon
ziplock bag if you want to filled your
water bottle with water you can take out
all of the supplies and put them in the
gallon ziplock bag what if the only
water you could find is wild water put a
simple aqua tab which is a water
purification tablet in your water bottle emergency kit supplies so that no matter
where you get your water you’re probably
able to make it safe to drink think about an emergency
food option could you fit a granola bar
what about some first aid supplies when
you’re thinking about first aid supplies
remember there’s a lot of crossover into
other areas of preparedness band-aids
cotton balls vaseline or lipgloss
chapstick eyedrops neosporin some of
those items can also be used for fire
starting choose the first-aid supplies
you would most want to have think about
tools there are all kinds of little
multi tools pocket knives mini can
openers whistles look around for little
kits designed to do other things and
maybe you can find in them a tiny
magnifying glass a little screwdriver a
mini sewing kit nail clippers or
tweezers figure out which ones you would
most want to have in the smallest size
and set those aside to go into your
water bottle emergency kit you’re going to
need some lights a glow stick a
flashlight a smaller flashlight even a
flashlight with a carabiner then you
could clip it to the top of your water
bottle look for some cordage that’s
likely to fit in your water bottle
emergency kit a huge bundle of paracord
is probably not the option could you
take a smaller bundle of paracord a sturdy shoelace
dental floss is a great cord for tying
up and fixing a lot of small things and
it’s really can be handy and sturdy how
are you going to start a fire do you
have your cotton balls some vaseline or
petroleum jelly could you rub your
cotton ball with a chapstick or some
hand sanitizer then you need some way to
light that fire starter strike-anywhere
matches a lighter any kind of
firestarter that you know how to use
that you know is small and can fit into
your water bottle emergency kit would be
a good option do you still have
room for a poncho an emergency blanket a
black plastic garbage bag maybe one that
even has a drawstring top so you have
some extra cordage along in your
emergency kit there are a lot of options
and what you need to do is decide which
are the items that mean the most to you
you need food water first aid maybe some
hygiene sanitation supplies some tools knife a way to make a
shelter stay warm provide some light
think about what your priorities are
then grab a container that’s around the
size of your water bottle and put some
things in it decide how much can I put
in here and how many of these do I
really need don’t start stuffing them
into your water bottle because they’re
easier to decide and pull back out of a
wide top container once you get this
down maybe half-full that’s the time you
want to start stuffing things into your
water bottle it seems intuitive to stick
in the largest things first like a
poncho an emergency blanket a black
plastic bag but that’s not necessarily a
great idea to stick something soft and
big into a water bottle where you can’t
fit your hand inside so set those aside
to go on the top put the large heavier
things that you would be able to shake
out layer your things in there but not
so tight you can’t shake them back out
and then add the softest things at the
if you chose a carabiner or a item with
a carabiner as part of your emergency survival kit clip it on to the loop on
the top of your water bottle and there
you go
you have an emergency kit in a water
bottle that’s ready for you to take and
have on hand to use in any kind of an emergency survival situation make a water bottle emergency
kit for everyone in your family most of
us have plenty of these bottles around
or we can pick them up at a thrift store
for a dollar – water bottles they’re handy sturdy
convenient fill it up with emergency survival supplies items that
can help you make the best of any situation
learn more at
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Survival Gear Usa Where Can One Order

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  1. Great. Creating a kit similar to this even with just basic or on hand items could really go a long way in smoothing out those situations and give one more to work with. Generally situations are less stressful when one has a "life line" near by to use.

  2. Fantastic idea. My bag that I keep in the car is big and heavy. It's main purpose is if we get stranded somewhere. But this small bottle is perfect if I had to leave the car.