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Five Travel Safety Tips For Outdoor Vacation Adventures five tips to prepare for outdoor adventures how to stay safe vacations hike travel outdoors
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I’m on vacation in New Zealand I’m getting ready to head out for a day how to stay safe
hike and there are five rules that I
always follow before I head out for the
day the first one is to plan your trip
and prepare I have maps of the trails
they’ll be hiking on maps of the roads
that i’ll be taking so that won’t become
lost and then rule number two if I
always tell someone where I’m going
since I’m in a foreign country I bring a
card that has the hotel address and I
always tell someone at the desk where I
am going and what time I should be
expected back so that if I don’t come
back someone will not the third thing I
need to do is to be aware of the weather
the weather can change dramatically from
sunny terrain each a very cold and foggy
and that’s probably true wherever you go
so make sure I have scarves coats gloves
things for the weather no matter what
happens you dress in layers you can take
them off or put them on they don’t weigh
very much you can stuff them in your bag
and you’re safe the next thing you need
to remember rule number four is know
your limits if you start hiking on a
trail and it’s too complex for you and
it’s too strenuous don’t be afraid to
turn around go back to your car find
another trail wait for another adventure
on another day don’t overexert yourself
until you’re not enjoying your trip or
you possibly harm yourself and the fifth
thing is it take supplies I like to have
a backpack I make sure I have water I
have some food and I have some safety
gear so that I am prepared no matter
what happens so if you’re heading out
follow my five rules to stay safe outdoors hiking plan your trip tell
someone where you’re going be aware of
the weather know your limits and make
sure you have enough supplies and then
guess what you can go out and enjoy
yourself wherever you are you have prepared for emergency situations so if you have
comments or tips that
you use when you go out on an outing
leave a comment and tell me what they
are and if you like the tips and tricks
that I have been suggesting click on the
subscribe button below and subscribe to
the AlaskaGranny channel have a wonderful
day learn more at

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Survival Gear Usa Where Can We Buy

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  1. Very good. Always know where you are and be prepared. When in country, I always carry a Swiss Army Knife, map, compass, matches, food, water and first aid kit.