2 thoughts to Survival Gear Video Reviews Best Price To Buy Online At 14:57

  1. I knew this would be a fierce rival of the Tube. Sure, it's pricier by a large margin, but build quality and overall firepower certainly win over. Actually, these small peanut lights GearBest sells seem almost like artisan craft, they seem so extremely well made. Thumbs up!

    You also got the right idea in my book, this is a very nice necklace light. The 1xCR123 size is already small and good to carry like that, now imagine this! You can easily forget it's there! That, and should you misplace it, just look for the neck chain, it's loads easier to find than this tiny thing 😛

    Not the torch for me, but great gadget. Great review, too, very thorough and easy to understand!