12 thoughts to Survival Gear Video Reviews Discount Coupons Here At 18:43

  1. Mine broke the first time I tried to split some soft firewood with it. The top moulding around the head of the axe cracked off and shot off with such speed I couldn't find it.

  2. You are correct about the ax being great for campers, but not the best for survivalist needing an ax to drive stakes for camps in the woods. Everything else seems to be nice on that combination tool.

  3. Hello i have been watching you for just a little bit and i seen about the zippo axe and saw combos. I have to say yea it did work but with you i like to see zippo make it moreout of some lite metal that can handle a little more work challenge. And it seaems like thay are going to cheepest way just mack money but there trying to get in the game if thay will make it better with some better metal that's when I'll thank about buying one but in till then I'll never touch that junk and it looks like it might last maybe five years or less.

  4. Fantastic video! I went and got one after seeing this video and used it last year backpacking last summer and found it a very useful light tool. The hatchet and bow saw are fantastic but the tent stake puller and pommel are kind of a waist. All and all thumbs up…

  5. If this is made in USA sure, otherwise no thanks. I rather something from Condor tool and life.

  6. I’m ordering one and strapping it to a backpack and bicycle camping. wish I could afford a COMBAR but times are tough.