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All right
We’re here at Amazon for my Amazon to $50 EDC challenge where I have to build an entire everyday carry system
That’ll last me at least a month. Let’s get started
So we just got done doing our shopping for our $50 every day carry challenge
Which was pretty freaking exciting and for reference, This is what my normal everyday carry looks like.
It’s a typical EDC that you guys that follow me on social media would normally see.
Now what I am so intrigued by is this is one of my
Favorite freaking watches on the planet, and for you guys you follow me on the channel regularly,
I’ve had this for a long time this watch a seen a lot of years of love. I’ve owned that since about
2013 but for me this was considered a very expensive watch purchase back in the day. This was a $60 watch.
I’m very interested to see how
Building an entire complete system that is less, like $10 less, than just that watch is going to fair
I love my beaters from my opinel, my cold Steel’s, I even have this baby right here, which is my little
$29 Boker my little Kalashnikov 74 . It is an absolute champ
but like I said
I’m really intrigued to see what it’s like to basically take a full-on 50 EDC
Use it in my rotation and what I’m hoping to get from this is will actually change my mind in perspective on extreme budget
Everyday carry items as clearly as some of the cheap survival kits we’ve built in the past
now as we’re going through this
I’ll kind of just give you guys a quick breakdown on what my normal everyday carry would look like. We got my watch with my
Little compass out here because we do venture out into the woods a lot.
Now this little can you guys are probably curious about this is actually a new fire starter
Which is a nice little EDC sized tin is called pyro putty it’s brand new to the market as far as I know
but uh
we interchange this pretty regularly too for our survival fire starters with things like the fire plugs from pro camp tech or
Our spartan fire strips that we usually keep in here that’s usually buried in a wallet. This is actually six full size strips
This is actually a new
Flashlight this is from RovyVon if I’m not mistaken, but this is the Aurora a1 I’m super excited about this
But this thing is super freaking bright
I put the pocket clip just like this so I could actually wear it on my hat if I needed an impromptu hands-free
Headlamp in a pinch. Now
This is my Benchmade grizzly Ridge, for you guys who know me,
I pretty much interchange Benchmade and cold steel pretty regularly on the fly. I love their knives.This a really expensive multi-tool
This is the Leatherman Charge Plus this is actually like $140 multi-tool
But I actually went to REI and they had this exact model on clearance
There was like a special edition version that had one additional tool on it and they were selling this for like 50 bucks.
It came into the thing because we’re REI co-op members and I ended up getting this for like five bucks
So that’s the only reason I have this one on the table.
We have my Polka pin, which is an awesome kind of collapsible pin.
I like this because it gives me a full-size writing implement in a compact package
sometimes I just stick it in my front wallet. If you guys were really eyeballing my
Purchases for the one wallet this is my chums wallet. This is like an $8 freaking wallet it’s super cheap
I’ve actually been rocking this one for about six months and I absolutely love it.. then
I got my survival bracelet from outdoor element and then I’m kind of testing out this Ark lighter from pyro putty – this is kind
of their brand
Which is pretty freaking neat. So for urban EDC, this is pretty much what it looks like
the only thing I would change if I went out to the field because we
Have some property we go to when we’re overseeing things like my bug-out shelter or the hog feeders when I go on a hunt out
there in the woods we want to make sure we have a few different pocket kits with us and this is kind of like a
little pocket pal by sharppal
This is like a six in one and this is pretty much the only other thing I’d add which is kind of a fun little
Sharpener so I can keep my tools maintained in the field
I can start a fire if we’re gonna be cooking on the grill or I need to start one in an emergency and then it’s
Got an emergency whistle on it. But speaking of pocket tools and sharpening systems
We do want to give a major shout-out to our sponsor for this episode, which is actually Sharppal
We actually fell in love with these guys
Well before they became a sponsor
But we do want to give a shout out to them because we could not make this EDC challenge possible without them.
They are makers of sharpening systems like these pocket pals all the way to big huge in home and shop use diamond
Wet stones that you can use on the fly on Amazon.
But if you guys want to learn about
Sharppal and some of the options they have because this is super cheap, man
This is only ten bucks. And I keep this in my pocket pretty regularly or anything else
They have will have links down in the video description so you can check out all the gear that were mentioned today and boom this
is our
$50.00 actually sub $50. If you guys remember the price tag is this was only 48 dollars and 82 cents.
I’m super freaking amped by this. This is actually a good looking every day carry system
I’m super impressed by this. The flashlight actually worked, for this being like five six bucks
I was really glad it only has one mode on it, but I’m not I’m not mad at this at all.
It’s actually really really bright and the fact that this actually came functioning and working for like a six dollar watch kind of happy.
I’m very interested to see how this is all gonna break down and go so we’ve got the two zebra pins right here
These are the f30 ones. I rocked these in high school and college and use these all the freaking time.
These were in my pocket man these or my little pocket defenders right here, buddy. They write really really well
So the fact that they had them as an add-on item was really nice. I’ve never used the watch this cheap before like I said.
Contrasting this six dollar watch to my sixty dollar watch. I’m pretty interested to see how that fares. There is no water rating
So I’m pretty much gonna have to be careful with this, but I’m pretty excited.
Also, I think I’ve discovered my new secret agent secret identity, which is boobie the bird out of Utah. Oh
That’s really funny that they added that I kind of think is pretty hilarious
But um, this is the new blue chums wallet. Like I said, I’ve been rocking this for a long time
What we wanted to break down and do it’s something that I’m really excited about
Is because all of this was Amazon Prime eligible and add-on items. For you guys you have Amazon Prime
You guys know that they don’t really charge taxes and shipping is free and usually the next day or two, which is awesome.
So we what we did to kind of really round this thing out and make it a full seven piece
We spent a dollar and went to the gas station
So we’re basically got 49 dollars and 82 cents and got a single Bic lighter.
So we have some form of fire starting with us. So with this being a super cheap everyday carry system
We wanted to go ahead and take this bad boy out into the field
That was very curious to know how all the stuff was gonna work
Pretty much. I do love the fact that these are spring-loaded pliers. That was really really beneficial
The knife is actually decently sharp on it. It’s not too bad. But um, it’s
It’s okay. I mean keep in mind. This is like a ten dollar multi-tool don’t expect excellence out of it
This is kind of janky. I don’t have a lot of confidence in this which is their little flat-head screwdriver
Like I said, I wanted the spring-loaded pliers because I find myself and my wife finds ourselves
We kind of need this for stuff every now and then and just having something we can keep on our keychain or in our pockets
really useful so uh
My wife gave this a little field test and a go and it worked like it should the pliers did its job. Spring-loaded. Nothing got stuck
Honestly, I know a lot of people like things like the Gerber dime or they like the Leatherman squirt
But for this like I said being super cheap at that time, man
It’s a rockstar. Now since I’ve come back from my 30-day survival challenge
We are really big on keeping ourselves in shape and going all walks on the trail
And since we do that in the evening at nighttime
We usually run into a situation where it gets dark
So we want to be able to see things because living here in South, Texas
Things like just finding some cool little creatures like frogs
but we do run a send of things like some venomous snakes from time to time we have run into
rattlesnakes on the trail
So just keeping an eye out for them making sure our dogs or my kids don’t get hurt an
Illumination tool is gonna be really really handy. So we took this out on the trail, and honestly, I was impressed
It’s still on its full charge
This had to operate for us for about two miles in the dark on the trail and it worked fine.
Now obviously you guys know I’m super biased because I love booby the bird. This is my wallet
I mean obviously to hold my ID in my cards when I go places like the grocery store I go shopping go out to eat
Most recently like you guys are seeing the overlay footage when we decided to go and was shipping off a package at UPS
Like I said, I love this wallet to death
It’s super cheap if there’s any item I recommend over every single item in this particular kit
It’d probably be the chums wallet because it’s like eight bucks and it holds
Absolutely everything. Now moving forward. This is the Gerber para frame. This is their mini
I know a lot of people when they graduated high school or they were in high school
This was kind of their knife of choice. Well the bigger version. I remember
It was my first knife, but the fact they had this for eight bucks. I was pretty ecstatic.
This is nothing to write home about the out of the box sharpness obviously is not to Stiller
It’s an eight dollar knife guys.
You can easily put this on a whetstone or actually put this on a grinder
anything like that and sharpen this thing up and should be right as rain but uh,
I mean even even a dull point will open up packages and everything for you just fine.
not a big deal or take care of, you know, some small prying or cutting if you need to but uh
It was kind of weird having a super tiny insane knife on me. It wasn’t enough handle grip for me
It was a little too small for my hands. That was my only big gripe but all in all
Still locks up nice and tight. It was nice and sturdy for any book knife. Like I said actually wasn’t too bad.
Now we move on to the watch..
This grand touring watch considering it was so cheap impressed me.
I didn’t have like sweaty band syndrome too much with the silicone bands
I think of the ridges helped with that
it has a decent, not a premium feel but not a super cheap feel, which was actually kind of nice given its
stupid cheap price point.
It keeps time pretty well. It’s actually…”Do you have the time?” yeah. Oh, yeah
It is a 435. “Thank you.” No problem.
Not too bad considering it’s not atomic. We’ve been
Checking that off on with our phones just to make sure that it’s keeping pretty decent time, and it’s not too bad
Considering the least. Like I said, I don’t know it’s waterproof rating. But uh keeping this on me and keeping accurate time
It obviously did it’s job. Now these are my pens these are my babies. I love these things man
I actually rock these all the freaking time.
So the fact that I was able to include these into my everyday carry list was pretty freaking exciting
Obviously, they write really really smooth.
We use them when we are paying bills when we are going. Uh,
you know doing stuff at restaurants or we are actually doing our grocery list because uh, you know,
Keeping track of stuff old school instead of on my phone is a thing
I actually still use pen and paper to do my grocery lists.
Given the fact that I have done some pretty stupid stuff by accident like
Double tapping and using two fingers on my on the note pad on my phone and I will just completely delete
My entire grocery list and it’ll erk me so the fact that I can have some old-school
Usability is pretty nice. And then last but not least even though this wasn’t purchased on Amazon lighter.
It does the trick man lights up stuff
But all in all with this being a full seven piece system for just under fifty dollars. How do you like it?
We have we have a lighter. We’ve got two pens
We’ve got a flashlight, watch, wallet, multi-tool, knife all rolled into one for less than 50 bucks
How did you guys like this particular build?
I was super excited
If you enjoyed this episode you wanna see more like it
Defiantly throw this video a big thumbs up and share this out with your friends and family in your social media networks
So we keep growing thriving and making awesome videos for you guys, but that just does it for now..
Hope you guys have an absolute wonderful day. I’m out.

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