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  1. Enjoyed your review. I have carried a Streamlight Stylus Pro probably since they first came out. I have worn out three switches, but haven't took them up on their warranty because I felt I got my moneys worth out them before they failed (flicker, go out when on.) The one complaint I have with Streamlight is I find it difficult, if not impossible to go from momentary mode to constant because of the rubber end and not having a proper grip on it to push straight down. I carry a Protac 2AAA and don't mind cycling through the modes, but still have the same issue with the button. I think the Thrunite TI4 exposed button might address that issue for me. I'm going to give one a try.

  2. The Thrunite has the most annoying and rage inducing sounding click I've ever heard in my life. Do you have to click it twice? You can't half-click? It sounds like you are clicking from inside the microphone and it's so crunchy!

  3. I purchased a TI4 since my last post and haven't gone be back to the Streamlight Stylus Pro ever since. Most of my need for light is to illuminate an area. The TI4 throws a floods beam, not a focused beam of the Stylus Pro. The main shortcoming is when I carry it in my pants pocket and the button might get accidentally pushed. The solution to that is I avoid carrying it in my pants pocket whenever I can. That aside, I'm very satisfied with the TI4 and would recommend it over the more expensive Stylus Pro.

  4. So do I have to click multiple times everytime on the Thrunite? That would get super annoying. Why can't any company make one that clicks on and rotates for brightness? Where you could keep it rotated to medium if you wanted it to always come on that way.

  5. Considering 51 min on high for the thrunight vs 6.25 hrs runtime for the streamlight i think I'd take the streamlight considering the fairly mild difference between the 2 when the thrunite is on high plus no annoying clicks but it is too bad you couldn't get a candle feature to use in a tent or something. Too bad you always have these multiple clicks and never hardly just a second selector switch. Thanks for the review

  6. these lights are awesome◔◔>share4.photo/Streamlight?а my last one I carried in my pocked every day and used all time for 6-7 years. a older gentleman gave me my first one and it was awesome also. very durable, I wore the edges off ribs around it I used it so much

  7. After a lot of thought I went for the Streamlight. I had a previous flashlight with the different settings you had to click through, blah. I just bought the pro model with 100 lumens, for me, that should do.