15 thoughts to Survival Gear Wallets Where Can I Order At 22:41

  1. a good inbetween the orange and came/black is lime/neon green not as noticeable at distance but still easily visible nearby. and do you need to be a subscriber to enter the giveaway and how will you verify age

  2. at 47 seconds what is the name and brand of that cb? ive been looking for one but haven't been able to find nice ones

  3. I love how you are giving back to the survival community, not just through knowledge, but with items as well. As much as I would like to like your facebook page, I am concerned with ospec (simply put).

    Survival tip for everyone: besides focusing on cool items such as these, make sure you are planned for long term survival as well. Example, i have bought seeds and done a little gardening just for experience, and i have actually learned a few tricks. You will HAVE to replenish your food too.

  4. No facebook for me… Sigh.

    That's the only time I regret not having a facebook account, is when I miss out on something awesome like this. Oh well, great videos none the less.