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  1. I found these hanging on a rack at my local walmart for 8.97 a piece. It was the wrong rack but they gave me the 8.97 price. Needless to say I bought too for less then the price of one haha great lights. On is edc with rechargeable batteries and the other is in my vehicle in an emergency bag

  2. Check out this flashlight it has a watertight storage compartment in the handle.  

  3. Go to amazon checkout thrunite,Thorfire, olight,soonfire,nitecore, armytek,streamlight, you can even go on ebay type headlamp and find tons for cheap a lot of good high quality flashlights take 18650,14500, and etc lithium ion rechargeable batteries

  4. Great product, great value for money, very satisfied http://bit.do/pU7FLk

  5. Lower output (not too bright) means prolonged battery life, crucial in any emergency situation or when you are a thousand miles away from nearest civilization.