13 thoughts to Survival Gear Walmart Where Can I Order At 4:40

  1. u not going to saw off the barrel??? 😉 majority of my deer i have taken by 12 ga slug gun

  2. If you enjoy shooting slugs I suggest getting the lee load all 2 great way to not pay $1 per slug and it also allows you to load bird shot to but you can get bird shot at Walmart for cheep at the moment

  3. Nice upgrades and DIY projects…Love the way the stock came out….Good stuff….

  4. An awesome shotgun right out of the box! You only make it way more awesome! Great video, man!

  5. Nice — Your videos are getting way better J.Dalton — Much more exciting and a little shorter . Keep going and thanks again . liked

  6. Do you have any idea how many walls a slug will go through after it passes through the shit head that breaks in?